Revolution in Networking: Meet the ‘Real-Life’ Social Media Platform Claiming to Be the New Face of Entrepreneurship

A new player in the world of networking apps is causing a seismic shift, using AI to bridge online connections with real-life interactions, capturing the attention of entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Key Takeaways:

  •, an innovative networking platform, raises $11 million in seed funding, creating a buzz among major venture capitalists.
  • Using AI, the platform recommends user-generated events to individuals based on their personal and business interests, allowing entrepreneurs to connect in real life.
  • The app surpasses well-known competitors in downloads, with a rapidly growing community exceeding 200,000 users globally.

Disrupting the Norms: A New Era in Networking

There’s a new kid on the networking block, and it’s changing the way people connect., a pioneering ‘real-life’ social networking platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals, is taking the digital world by storm. It has quickly climbed the ranks, amassing over 200,000 users worldwide and outpacing other famed networking apps in downloads.

Established by notable serial entrepreneurs and friends Eugene Nevgen, Natalia Vodianova, Sergey Gonchar, and Timon Afinsky, the platform uses AI to revolutionize the way people network. By creating a bridge between online connections and real-world meetings, it enables users to host and attend various activities and events, encouraging meaningful encounters and collaboration.

The Magic of AI: Tailoring User Experiences

What sets apart is its innovative use of artificial intelligence. The platform recommends user-generated events based on each individual’s personal and business interests, facilitating a plethora of opportunities for users. With its ability to connect like-minded individuals, it provides a platform where users can discuss business ventures, participate in sports activities, make new friends, or simply socialise.

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The platform has experienced an explosive response, with over 25,000 events organized and an impressive 400,000 connections made between users. Prominent industry leaders such as Michael Acton Smith (founder of Calm), Pavel Durov (founder of Telegram), and Natalia Vodianova (supermodel and co-founder of have hosted events on the platform.

Capitalizing on Success: Securing Funding and Recognition’s rapid growth hasn’t gone unnoticed. The platform has secured a significant $11 million USD round of seed funding, with backing from prominent venture capitalists such as Goodwater Capital, TheSoul Publishing, and Michael Antonov, co-founder of Oculus.

The platform has also been honored as Apple’s ‘App of the Day’ in 21 countries, a testament to its popularity among users both locally and globally. These accomplishments highlight the transformative potential of in redefining the networking landscape.

Beyond Connections: The Vision for

The founders of have ambitious plans for their platform. Eugene Nevgen, Co-Founder and CEO, refers to it as ‘the app for ‘real-life’ social networking. Natalia Vodianova further explained their vision, stating, “We want to provide not only a connection point for entrepreneurs and businesses but also an avenue to discover communities and events that facilitate real-life connections.”

Their vision goes beyond merely making connections. The goal is to build a robust community that supports business growth while also contributing to wider economic goals. To this end, the platform has recently established a presence in Dubai, marking its expansion into the wider Middle East region as part of its strategic growth plan.

Impressive Track Record: The Founders Behind

The founders of have an illustrious history of success in both the entrepreneurial and humanitarian spheres. Eugene Nevgen and Sergey Gonchar co-founded MSQRD, a popular app that gained 100 million monthly active users before being acquired by Meta. Natalia Vodianova, an esteemed supermodel, is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and founder of the Naked Heart Foundation.

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Join the Revolution: Be Part of the Community invites entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals to become part of their thriving community. Join today and unlock a world of entrepreneurial opportunities and meaningful connections.

About is a cutting-edge ‘real-life’ social networking platform for entrepreneurs and aspirational individuals. The platform, founded by Eugene Nevgen, Natalia Vodianova, Sergey Gonchar, and Timon Afinsky, empowers users to connect online and meet in real life through user-generated events. With a rapidly growing user base of over 200,000 entrepreneurs worldwide, is revolutionising how entrepreneurs connect, collaborate, and thrive.

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