Over 55s Ignored: Businesses Miss the Boat on Vital Skills Training, Says Latest Report!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Underutilized Workforce: A significant portion of over 55s are being overlooked for skills training, impacting their career growth and potential.
  • Training Disparity: Over half of over 55s haven’t received crucial management, technical, and human skills training, highlighting a training gap.
  • Call for Action: Businesses urged to prioritize ongoing training opportunities for all age groups to foster workplace inclusivity and skill development.

Subtitle: Unveiling the Untapped Potential of Over 55s in Workplace Training.

Age Bias in Skills Training: The Missing Piece

A recent report by Corndel sheds light on a concerning trend in the UK workforce, revealing that a substantial number of over 55s are being sidelined and deprived of essential skills training opportunities. As the workforce ages and workplaces evolve, this disparity in training access raises critical questions about inclusivity, skill development, and workforce optimization.

The Training Divide

Ignored for Crucial Training

Despite comprising a significant portion of the workforce, over 55s are notably absent from crucial skills training programs. Shockingly, more than half of this demographic haven’t received management, technical, or human skills training in their current roles, painting a stark picture of a training gap that needs urgent attention.

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A Contrast in Training Access

Comparatively, younger employees in the 23 – 38 age bracket are more likely to have participated in essential training, indicating a disparity in training access across different age groups. This disparity not only affects individual career growth but also impacts organizational performance and workforce agility.

Valuing Professional Development

Importance of Continuous Learning

The report underscores the value that over 55s place on professional development, with a majority citing it as a crucial factor in their decision to stay with an organization. However, the lack of training opportunities poses a significant barrier, hindering their confidence in adapting to evolving job roles or exploring new career avenues.

Confidence and Career Resilience

Worryingly, a notable percentage of over 55s express a lack of confidence in their current skill sets, raising concerns about their employability and career resilience in a dynamic job market. This highlights the urgent need for tailored training initiatives to empower older workers and bridge the skills gap.

Unlocking Potential: A Case for Equitable Training

Empowering the Over 55s

James Kelly, CEO of Corndel, emphasizes the transformative impact of ongoing skills training for all age groups. By providing equal access to training opportunities, businesses can unlock the vast potential of experienced professionals, driving innovation, productivity, and organizational success.

Lifelong Learning Imperative

Robin Razzell, a Data Analyst at Mitie Energy and a participant in Corndel’s Data Analyst program, advocates for lifelong learning as a cornerstone of career relevance and growth. With technology and workplace dynamics evolving rapidly, upskilling becomes a non-negotiable aspect of remaining competitive and impactful in one’s career journey.

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Addressing Training Disparities: AI Fundamentals

Bridging the Skills Gap

To address the training gap and empower professionals at all career stages, Corndel has introduced AI Fundamentals modules across its training programs. These modules equip learners with foundational AI knowledge, ethical considerations, and practical applications tailored to diverse professional sectors, fostering confidence and adaptability in an AI-driven landscape.

Conclusion: Toward Inclusive and Empowered Workforces

The revelations from Corndel’s report serve as a wake-up call for businesses to prioritize inclusive training initiatives that span across age groups. Investing in ongoing skills development not only benefits individual employees but also cultivates a culture of innovation, resilience, and continuous improvement within organizations.

As the workforce composition evolves and skill demands shift, embracing lifelong learning and equitable training practices emerge as strategic imperatives for businesses looking to thrive in a dynamic and competitive business environment.

The call for inclusive and ongoing skills training resonates strongly in Corndel’s report, urging businesses to bridge the training gap and empower all age groups for sustained success and resilience in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

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