Master These Essential Skills to Ace Your Next Job Interview, According to an Expert

RADA Business Tutor Shares Insights and Techniques for Nailing Job Interviews, Boosting Confidence, and Creating Lasting Impressions

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Key Takeaways:

  • RADA Business tutor Sheelagh McNamara provides valuable insights and skills for job interviews, including preparation, tackling nerves, and making a standout first impression.
  • Preparing for an interview involves identifying strengths and weaknesses, researching the company, and practicing answers to common questions.
  • To tackle nerves, engage in power poses, practice breathing exercises, and maintain a confident and grounded physical presence.
  • Making a standout first impression involves being warm and friendly to everyone, projecting confidence through body language, maintaining eye contact, and paying attention to online interview settings.


Landing a job interview can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The pressure to perform at your best and effectively communicate your suitability for the role can make the experience daunting. However, with the guidance of Sheelagh McNamara, an Executive Coach and Lead Tutor at RADA Business, you can gain valuable insights and acquire essential skills to excel in any job interview. McNamara provides expertise on establishing a connection with interviewers, overcoming nerves, and projecting confidence to leave a lasting impression.

Preparation for Success

Before entering an interview, it’s crucial to prepare thoroughly. McNamara suggests the following steps to set yourself up for success:

  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Take time to create a list of your strengths, and don’t hesitate to ask friends and family for their input. Recognizing your weaknesses is equally important, as you might be asked about them during the interview. Reframe your weaknesses as areas you’re actively working to improve. Having a comprehensive list of strengths and areas for improvement will boost your confidence and help you tackle challenging interview questions effectively.
  2. Research the company: Go beyond merely understanding the company’s operations; pay attention to their language and values. Familiarize yourself with their website and identify how your strengths align with their objectives. Reflecting the company’s values and language during the interview will position you as an ideal candidate.
  3. Prepare for various questions: Anticipate a range of questions, from expansive ones about goals achieved to challenging ones about customer retention. Use the P.A.R. (Problem, Action, Result) framework to structure your responses. Practice answering questions with a friend or family member, and seek honest feedback. Record yourself to assess your gestures and their impact on your message delivery.
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Tackling Nerves

Overcoming nervousness is crucial to performing well in an interview. McNamara offers techniques to help you manage your nerves:

  1. Prepare to feel less nervous: Proper preparation helps reduce nervousness. Remember that being invited for an interview means you have a chance at the job. Avoid flipping through your notes in the final moments before the interview; instead, focus on your physical state.
  2. Engage in power poses: Find a quiet space to strike a power pose for two minutes. Stand in a V shape with your hands over your head or place your hands on your hips like a superhero. These expansive postures reduce nerves and increase energy levels.
  3. Control your breathing: Stress can cause shallow, rapid breathing. Counteract this by inhaling through your nose for four counts and exhaling through slightly pursed lips for five counts. Slowing your breathing will calm your nerves and lower your heart rate.

Creating a Standout First Impression

First impressions are critical in interviews. McNamara emphasizes the following techniques to make a lasting impression:

  1. Politeness starts at reception: Treat the receptionist with warmth, friendliness, and politeness. Hiring managers often seek feedback from receptionists, and their opinions can influence the outcome of the interview process.
  2. Confidence in body language: Take a deep belly breath and exhale slowly before entering the interview room. Maintain a confident posture, imagining an invisible confidence string from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Sit with your feet firmly planted on the floor, back straight, and avoid crossing your legs. Grounding yourself will help you breathe deeply and convey your answers clearly and confidently.
  3. Establish eye contact: Maintaining eye contact with the interviewer establishes a strong connection and fosters rapport. During online interviews, remember to speak directly into the camera to simulate eye contact.
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Connection and Confidence

Combining empathy with assertiveness, known as “empassertiveness,” is crucial to create a connection with the interviewer. McNamara highlights the importance of credibility, authority, warmth, and kindness in both language and physicality. These elements convey confidence and enable interviewers to perceive you as the ideal candidate.


While preparing for a job interview can be intimidating, adopting these expert techniques will help you build confidence, overcome nerves, and make a lasting impression. By following Sheelagh McNamara’s insights and skills, you can navigate the interview process successfully and let your experience and personality shine through. Remember to be yourself and showcase your unique qualities. To learn more about RADA Business and their training programs, visit their website at

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