Inside Minnesota’s 10 Most Influential Real Estate Lawyers’ Powerful Practices

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In the thriving industry of real estate, having a knowledgeable and reliable lawyer can be a pivotal factor contributing to success. Particularly, there is a crop of well-respected and highly-regarded real estate attorneys based in Minnesota, who have skillfully navigated complex transactions, entrepreneurial ventures, and unconventional pathways. They stand out in their respective niches, armed with extensive experience, and a knack for delivering results promptly. In this article, we will introduce and learn more about ten of Minnesota’s top real estate lawyers applauded for their exemplary work in the realm of real estate law.

The immense importance of real estate lawyers is emphasized in today’s competitive and complex real estate landscape. Their expertise plays a significant role in safely navigating through intricate legal procedures, providing practical and beneficial solutions, and safeguarding the interests of clients. They handle everything from negotiating and preparing contracts, conducting thorough due diligence, all the way through to representing clients in court.

Real estate lawyers often have painstakingly curated skills to tackle the multi-faceted nature of real estate transactions. By not only offering legal advice but also understanding the commercial implications of each decision, they create immense value for their clients. The following are some notable real estate lawyers based in Minnesota who continue to make a significant impact in this field.

Wade Anderson

Serving at the esteemed firm, [Lathrop GPM], Wade Anderson is known for his expertise in real estate transactions. Clients laud him for his customer-centric approach and exceptional service.

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Peter Berrie

Supporting a broad range of real estate services at the respected firm, [Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP], Peter Berrie is specifically renowned in the tax credits niche.

Laura L Krenz

[Ballard Spahr LLP] houses the esteemed attorney Laura Krenz, recognized for handling acquisitions, leasing transactions and finance matters in real estate.

Marcus A. Mollison

Marcus Mollison is celebrated for his nationwide real estate pratice. Working with [Dorsey & Whitney LLP], Marcus is particularly appreciated for his excellent business acumen.

Thomas P. Stoltman

Renowned for his diverse expertise in real estate transactions, Thomas Stoltman is part of the team at [Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren, Ltd.].

Mary S Ranum

Based at [Fredrikson & Byron PA], Mary Ranum excels in handling complex real estate deals, and holds high regard in the industry.

Gary Renneke

[Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren, Ltd.] houses Gary Renneke, another prominent Minnesota real estate attorney, well-known for assisting investors, owners, developers, and financial institutions.

Todd Urness

Housed under [Winthrop & Weinstine, PA], Todd Urness is celebrated for his agency lending and tax credit financing expertise, and for his grasp of housing development matters.

Lica Tomizuka

Renowned rising practitioner Lica Tomizuka is part of the [Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP] team. Her experience includes navigating through loan negotiations and land acquisitions.

Jerry Perron

Jerry Perron is a well-respected real estate attorney offering his services via Vantage Law Group PLLC. Renowned for his exemplary work in transactional real estate matters, Jerry is particularly heralded for his outstanding client service.

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In conclusion, these legal stalwarts represent the high caliber of real estate lawyers based in Minnesota. Their contributions continue to transform the landscape of real estate law by constantly pushing boundaries, innovating, and providing sterling service to their clients.

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