Driving Change: How the Digital Poverty Alliance is Tackling Digital Inequality

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA) unveils a National Delivery Plan to end digital poverty in the United Kingdom by 2030.
  • The plan focuses on six core missions, including increasing awareness, ensuring affordable connectivity, improving accessibility and inclusiveness, enhancing digital skills, and increasing local support.
  • Key actions include creating a new digital inclusion strategy, raising awareness about digital poverty, and providing free devices, connectivity, and support to those at risk of exclusion.

Breaking Digital Barriers: National Delivery Plan to Combat Digital Poverty

In an effort to address the pervasive issue of digital poverty in the United Kingdom, the Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA) has announced a groundbreaking strategy. The National Delivery Plan aims to eradicate digital poverty by 2030, setting out six core missions that require collaboration among government, industry, and local communities. With millions of people lacking essential digital access and skills, the plan seeks to ensure that everyone can benefit from the life-changing advantages of digital technology.

Mission 1: Increasing Awareness and Taking Strategic Action

One of the primary objectives of the National Delivery Plan is to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable and strategic action to combat digital poverty. By highlighting the consequences of limited digital access and skills, the plan seeks to mobilize stakeholders and drive collective efforts toward meaningful change.

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Mission 2: Ensuring Affordable Connectivity for All

Affordable connectivity lies at the heart of the plan’s mission to tackle digital poverty. Recognizing that access to the internet is a basic right, the National Delivery Plan calls for sustainable solutions that guarantee full digital access for those in need. By addressing the affordability barrier, the plan aims to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals and communities.

Mission 3: Improving Accessibility and Inclusiveness

Digital products and services should be accessible and inclusive for all users. The plan emphasizes the need to enhance standards of accessibility, safety, and inclusiveness across digital platforms. By eliminating barriers and promoting inclusive design practices, businesses and organizations can ensure that their digital offerings cater to diverse needs and abilities.

Mission 4: Enhancing Digital Skills for the Future

Building essential digital skills is crucial for individuals to thrive in the digital age. The National Delivery Plan aims to significantly reduce the proportion of individuals without essential digital skills by 2030. Recognizing the evolving nature of technology, the plan emphasizes the sustainability and expansion of digital skills programs to meet changing demands and equip individuals with the necessary competencies.

Mission 5: Fostering Knowledge and Understanding

Understanding the depth and impact of digital poverty is key to driving effective change. The plan emphasizes the importance of research and knowledge-sharing to enhance understanding of digital poverty among stakeholders. By engaging citizens, governments, and both public and private sectors, the plan aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the issue and guide informed decision-making.

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Mission 6: Strengthening Local Capacity and Support

Local communities play a crucial role in combatting digital poverty. The National Delivery Plan underscores the need to increase local capacity to provide comprehensive digital inclusion support. By empowering organizations and individuals at the grassroots level, the plan seeks to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital revolution.

Taking Action: A Collaborative Effort

The National Delivery Plan sets out a clear roadmap for action, and it calls on various stakeholders to play their part in ending digital poverty. The plan urges the UK Government to create a new digital inclusion strategy and advocates for public, private, and third sectors to raise awareness about digital poverty. It also highlights the importance of urgent action to boost essential digital skills across society.

The DPA, along with its Community Board and alliance of organizations and individuals, is at the forefront of driving change. They advocate for a new entitlement that provides free devices, connectivity, and support to those at risk of digital exclusion. By ensuring equitable access to digital resources, tangible economic, social, and personal benefits can be realized.

The National Delivery Plan also recognizes the need to address affordability concerns for broadband and mobile bills. The plan calls for action on social tariffs, aiming to make money-saving deals more accessible to households. Proposals, such as a co-funded, industry-wide social tariff, could help alleviate financial barriers and expand connectivity options.


In conclusion, the National Delivery Plan presented by the Digital Poverty Alliance is a groundbreaking strategy that sets a clear vision for ending digital poverty in the UK by 2030. Through collaboration, awareness, and targeted actions, the plan aims to ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of digital technology. By prioritizing affordable connectivity, enhancing digital skills, and fostering inclusivity, the plan holds the promise of a more equitable and digitally empowered society.

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For more information about the National Delivery Plan and the Digital Poverty Alliance’s efforts, visit their website at www.digitalpovertyalliance.org.

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