Digital Health Disruption: New AI-Powered Platform Set to Revolutionize Industry Insights

Allis.Health Launches to Deliver Real-Time Market Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence

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Key Takeaways:

  • Allis.Health, a groundbreaking digital health analyst platform, has officially launched to provide real-time insights, market trends, and competitor analysis for the dynamic digital health industry.
  • Developed collaboratively by Research2Guidance and Healthware Group, Allis.Health offers tailored market-specific information, competitive intelligence, and expert perspectives to empower key decision-makers in the digital health sector.
  • With an initial focus on digital diabetes, digital oncology, and Digital Therapeutics (DTx), the platform aims to cover additional channels like mental health, AI drug discovery, femtech, and clinical trials by mid-2024.

Digital Health’s Game Changer: Allis.Health Unveiled

In a transformative move for the digital health industry, Allis.Health, a cutting-edge digital health analyst platform, has emerged on the scene. Developed in collaboration between Research2Guidance and Healthware Group, this platform is poised to deliver real-time market insights, competitive intelligence, and expert perspectives that could reshape the way stakeholders navigate the digital health landscape.

A Dynamic Digital Health Landscape: The Need for Allis.Health

The digital health sector is a rapidly evolving ecosystem, with various market segments experiencing distinct growth patterns and challenges. For example, the business models in the digital diabetes sector may differ significantly from those in Femtech. Recognizing this diversity, Allis.Health has organized its platform into market segments, providing tailored insights into each.

The Pioneers Behind Allis.Health

Research2Guidance, a renowned global analyst and strategy consulting company specializing in the digital health industry, has joined forces with Healthware Group, a full-service agency and innovation consultancy led by digital health pioneer Roberto Ascione. Together, these industry leaders bring over 25 years of combined experience to Allis.Health.

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Continuous Monitoring: Adapting to Market Dynamics

Digital health markets and competitors are constantly evolving. Therefore, Allis.Health is designed for ongoing monitoring, ensuring that decision-makers have access to the latest developments. The platform’s team of analysts and channel ambassadors curate and interpret news and competitor activities, offering valuable context and insights.

Empowering Digital Health Decision-Makers

Allis.Health aims to empower a wide range of digital health decision-makers, including those from Pharma, Med-Tech, Insurers, Digital Health companies, startups, and advisors. The platform provides access to three core features, each tailored to deliver actionable insights:

  1. News Watch: An information hub that delivers daily updates on the most pertinent news within specific market segments. Analyst commentary and insights provide essential context.
  2. Competitor Watch: Empowers users to monitor the activities of 150+ competitors within a segment. This feature streamlines benchmarking against key performance indicators (KPIs).
  3. Market Watch: Provides in-depth analysis of market segment trends through concise analyst notes, expert video interviews, and comprehensive presentations.

Unveiling the Initial Focus: Digital Diabetes, Digital Oncology, and DTx

Allis.Health is launching with a strong initial focus on digital diabetes, digital oncology, and Digital Therapeutics (DTx). These channels provide a glimpse into the platform’s potential to transform decision-making within specific segments of the digital health industry.

A Growing Ecosystem: Upcoming Channels

The digital health landscape is vast and dynamic, with various subsectors continually emerging. Allis.Health has ambitious plans to expand its coverage, with upcoming channels that include mental health, AI drug discovery, digital cardiovascular, femtech, clinical trials, and more. By mid-2024, the platform aims to offer insights into these diverse areas.

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The Power of Collaboration: Research2Guidance and Healthware Group

The collaborative effort of Research2Guidance and Healthware Group has resulted in Allis.Health, a platform that promises to transform the digital health sector. By providing real-time insights, market monitoring, and competitive intelligence, the platform equips decision-makers with the tools they need to navigate the complex digital health landscape.

A Look Ahead: Shaping the Future of Digital Health

Allis.Health’s official launch marks an exciting milestone in the digital health industry. As stakeholders embrace this AI-powered platform, it has the potential to shape the future of digital health by delivering data-driven insights that drive innovation, growth, and improved healthcare services globally.

For More Information: To explore the capabilities of Allis.Health and its benefits for your organization, schedule a demo by contacting [email protected].

About Allis.Health Allis.Health is a digital health analyst platform developed collaboratively by Research2Guidance and Healthware Group, two leading companies with a combined 25 years of experience in the global digital health industry. The platform offers tailored market-specific insights, competitive intelligence, analyst perspectives, and expert insights to empower key decision-makers in various digital health segments. Learn more at

About Research2Guidance Research2Guidance is a prominent global analyst and strategy consulting company specializing in the digital health industry. By providing market insights and strategy advice, the company assists digital healthcare businesses in improving the delivery of healthcare services worldwide. Since 2010, Research2Guidance has supported Pharma, Health Insurers, and MedTech companies in forming integrated digital health ecosystems aligned with industry innovators. Learn more at

About Healthware Group Healthware Group is a full-service agency and innovation consultancy founded by digital health pioneer Roberto Ascione. The company offers marketing, advisory, customer engagement, media services, medical communications and education, and advanced technology capabilities. With a team of 200+ professionals located across multiple global offices, Healthware Group is known for its contributions to the digital health sector. Learn more at

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