Breaking Barriers: The Elite Lawyers Dominating Private Wealth: Trusts in the UK

Unveiling the Leading Legal Minds in Private Wealth: Trusts.

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Private Wealth: Trusts is a complex and dynamic field, and navigating its intricacies requires the expertise of highly skilled legal professionals. In the United Kingdom, a group of exceptional lawyers has established themselves as authorities in the realm of Private Wealth: Trusts. From advising on trust structures and taxation issues to handling contentious trust disputes, these legal minds have garnered respect and recognition for their remarkable contributions to the field. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most prominent and accomplished Private Wealth: Trusts lawyers in the UK.

Alan Steinfeld KC – XXIV Old Buildings

Alan Steinfeld KC is a legal luminary known for his invaluable knowledge and expertise in Private Wealth: Trusts matters. With a formidable depth of experience, Steinfeld has earned a strong reputation for his work at XXIV Old Buildings. His practice encompasses both contentious and non-contentious aspects of trusts, making him a well-rounded and sought-after legal professional in the UK.

Nikki Singla KC – Wilberforce Chambers

Nikki Singla KC, a distinguished member of Wilberforce Chambers, brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Private Wealth: Trusts. Singla is highly regarded for her proficiency in handling high-profile cases and is particularly noted for her work in matrimonial trusts. Her expertise extends beyond domestic boundaries, as she frequently represents clients both domestically and internationally.

Nicholas Le Poidevin KC – New Square Chambers

Nicholas Le Poidevin KC is a much-trusted silk with a strong focus on Channel Islands matters within the wider scope of traditional chancery practice. His expertise in trusts work is extensive, covering both contentious and non-contentious areas. Le Poidevin’s reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable legal professional in Private Wealth: Trusts has earned him a significant standing in the industry.

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Penelope Reed KC – 5 Stone Buildings

Penelope Reed KC is an exceptionally eminent silk with a formidable depth of experience in trusts and inheritance matters. Her work on high-profile cases, coupled with her prowess in trial advocacy, has established her as a respected figure in the field. Additionally, Reed’s practice extends to acting as a mediator in major trust disputes, showcasing her comprehensive understanding of both contentious and non-contentious aspects of Private Wealth: Trusts.

Christopher McCall KC – Maitland Chambers

Christopher McCall KC stands as an exceptionally well-established silk with a wealth of experience across various facets of tax and private client matters. His expertise in offshore matters, as well as the tax and trust aspects of divorce, has garnered recognition within the field. Furthermore, McCall boasts considerable expertise in charity law, further highlighting the depth of his knowledge in Private Wealth: Trusts.

Fenner Moeran KC – Wilberforce Chambers

Fenner Moeran KC is a trusted legal professional with a growing international practice. Known for his involvement in important and high-profile trusts cases, Moeran is sought after by significant clients both within the UK and abroad. With his admission to the BVI Bar and frequent appearances in the courts of the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong, Moeran showcases his expertise in global Private Wealth: Trusts matters.

Robert Pearce KC – Radcliffe Chambers

Robert Pearce KC offers impressive counsel on complex trust matters, including those pertaining to variations and taxation issues. Recognized for his involvement in high-profile litigation, Pearce’s expertise extends to drafting and trusts planning work. With a strong focus on delivering practical solutions, he has solidified his position as a trusted legal professional in the realm of Private Wealth: Trusts.

Gilead Cooper KC – Wilberforce Chambers

Gilead Cooper KC is a legal expert known for handling important and high-profile trusts cases in recent years. His international practice has garnered attention, with significant clients seeking his guidance in this area. Admitted to the BVI Bar, Cooper frequently appears in the courts of the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong, further establishing his expertise in global Private Wealth: Trusts matters.

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Thomas Dumont KC – Radcliffe Chambers

Thomas Dumont KC has made significant contributions to the realm of trusts law through his involvement in important cases concerning prominent individuals and charitable organizations. His longstanding experience and strong advocacy skills set him apart in the field. Dumont’s expertise also extends to professional negligence issues that intersect with trusts law, highlighting his comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of Private Wealth: Trusts.

Brian Green KC – Wilberforce Chambers

Brian Green KC, a well-known chancery silk, is highly respected for his private client tax practice. As an exceptional choice of counsel for taxation of trusts matters, Green brings a wealth of expertise to his clients. His in-depth understanding of tax-related intricacies within the realm of Private Wealth: Trusts solidifies his reputation as a trusted legal professional.

Jonathan Hilliard KC – Wilberforce Chambers

Jonathan Hilliard KC has an extensive portfolio of confidential and high-value trusts and divorce cases, representing clients both in the UK courts and offshore jurisdictions. In addition to his work with trustees in professional negligence and breach of trust claims, Hilliard possesses in-depth knowledge of trusts holding complex corporate structures. His expertise makes him a go-to legal professional for clients seeking guidance in complex Private Wealth: Trusts matters.

Henry Legge KC – 5 Stone Buildings

Henry Legge KC is well-versed in large trust disputes, both onshore and offshore, establishing himself as a trusted legal professional in the field. His practice extends to advising on non-contentious matters, including the interpretation and variation of trust structures. Legge’s expertise encompasses commercial trusts, securitization structures, private trusts, and complex tax issues arising in trust matters.

Tracey Angus KC – 5 Stone Buildings

Tracey Angus KC is a trusted and respected silk with an enviable trusts practice. Her expertise is particularly notable in matrimonial trusts work, where she frequently represents clients domestically and overseas. With her extensive knowledge and dedication to the field of Private Wealth: Trusts, Angus has made a significant impact in the industry.

Francis Barlow KC – Ten Old Square

Francis Barlow KC is a strong choice for individuals seeking advice on the establishment and interpretation of UK and offshore trusts. Recognized for his expertise in the associated taxation aspects, Barlow is well-versed in contentious trust disputes, including applications for the variation of trusts. His contributions to various trusts and succession textbooks have further solidified his reputation as a trusted legal professional in Private Wealth: Trusts.

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Clare Stanley KC – Wilberforce Chambers

Clare Stanley KC is a highly accomplished silk with a comprehensive understanding of Private Wealth: Trusts matters. While her expertise is recognized within the industry, specific details about her practice and notable cases were not provided. Nonetheless, her inclusion among this esteemed group of lawyers underscores her standing as a respected professional in the field.

Alexander Learmonth KC – New Square Chambers

Alexander Learmonth KC is a recognized figure at the Bar, with extensive experience in trusts and succession matters. His practice often involves significant offshore work, where he represents trustees, beneficiaries, and charities in high-value disputes. Learmonth’s expertise and track record make him a trusted and sought-after legal professional in the realm of Private Wealth: Trusts.


The realm of Private Wealth: Trusts in the UK is enriched by the presence of these exceptional legal professionals. Their expertise, experience, and dedication have made significant contributions to the field, earning them respect and recognition among their peers and clients. From advising on trust structures and taxation issues to handling complex contentious disputes, these lawyers continue to shape and navigate the evolving landscape of Private Wealth: Trusts in the United Kingdom.

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