AI in Business: High Hopes, Low Adoption – The Gap in AI-Based Pricing Strategies

Valcon's Study Reveals a Striking Disparity Between AI Enthusiasm and Real-World Usage in Corporate Pricing

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Key Takeaways:

  1. AI Enthusiasm vs. Reality: Despite high interest, 54% of corporates do not use AI for any business purpose, including AI-based pricing strategies.
  2. Data and Infrastructure Challenges: A significant number of companies (53%) cite immature internal data and IT infrastructure as barriers to AI adoption for pricing.
  3. Recognizing AI’s Potential: 76% of respondents acknowledge AI-based pricing as crucial for managing prices and increasing profitability, yet implementation lags.

Introduction: The AI Paradox in Corporate Pricing

The Promise of AI Meets Business Hesitance

Valcon’s recent study highlights a curious dichotomy in the corporate world: while there’s considerable enthusiasm for AI-based pricing, actual adoption rates are startlingly low. This revelation sheds light on the complex dynamics of integrating advanced technology into traditional business practices.

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AI-Based Pricing: A Closer Look

Understanding the Reluctance

Data Maturity Issues

A key finding from the study is that over half of the companies surveyed believe their internal data isn’t mature enough for AI-based pricing. This lack of robust data quality and quantity hinders their ability to benefit from AI’s potential to maximize margins and navigate economic challenges.

Risks and Barriers in AI Implementation

Concerns over Control and Understanding

The study identified several concerns surrounding AI-based pricing, including the loss of control (34%), lack of internal acceptance (23%), and high maintenance costs (13%). These apprehensions indicate a need for greater education and support in AI integration.

Corporate Response to AI in Pricing

Slow Adoption Despite Recognized Importance

Lagging Behind in AI Utilization

While 76% of respondents see AI-based pricing as relevant, only 27% are actually using AI to optimize business processes like promotions. This gap underscores a hesitation in fully embracing AI capabilities.

AI’s Impact on Profitability

Potential for Revenue Growth

Despite inflation and market volatility, corporations report an increase in profitability, suggesting that AI implementation could further enhance financial performance in stagnating economic conditions.

AI Pricing: A Necessity for Future Growth

The Urgency to Adapt

Advancing Beyond Traditional Models

Danilo Zatta, head of Valcon’s pricing practice, emphasizes the critical need for corporations to adopt AI-based pricing. He advocates starting with small pilot projects to overcome the intimidation of large-scale data initiatives.

The Competitive Edge

Staying Ahead in the AI Game

Zatta highlights that to gain a competitive advantage, corporations must move quickly to adopt AI in pricing strategies. He suggests that AI’s ability to analyze extensive data sets can significantly influence pricing decisions and overall business success.

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Valcon: Bridging the AI Gap in Corporates

Expertise in Sustainable Change

Combining Technology, Data, and People

Valcon, a European consultancy backed by Waterland, specializes in driving sustainable change by integrating technology, data, and people. Their expertise is crucial in helping businesses overcome the challenges of adopting AI in pricing strategies.

Working Across Sectors

Valcon’s Diverse Client Base

With a client base spanning financial services, retail, public sector, and more, Valcon is well-positioned to guide a variety of companies in their journey towards AI integration.

Conclusion: Embracing AI for Business Transformation

In conclusion, Valcon’s study reveals a significant gap between the interest in and the adoption of AI-based pricing in the corporate world. Overcoming data maturity and infrastructure challenges is crucial for businesses to fully harness AI’s potential for increased profitability and market competitiveness.

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