Top 10 White-Collar Crime Lawyers Influencing Chilean Dispute Resolution in 2023

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In the field of law, there are many different specializations that professionals can pursue. One of these is dispute resolution in white-collar crime cases, which requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. The arena of white-collar crime involves illegal activities committed by people in the context of their employment or business operations. These crimes are typically non-violent, but they can have devastating economic and financial impacts. In Chile, several notable attorneys focus their practice in this field, offering their expertise to clients dealing with complex legal scenarios. These are some of the prominent ones in this vast field in the Chilean legal market space.

Jorge Bofill: Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados

Jorge Bofill has an impressive track record of successfully representing clients in complicated white-collar crime cases. With a deep understanding of the civil litigation mechanism, he expertly guides his clients through challenging legal proceedings. Known for being highly responsive, he remains a top choice for many seeking legal advice in such matters.

Julián López: López Escobar Del Río Leiva

Well-regarded in Chilean legal circles, Julián López has dedicated his career to white-collar crime. His comprehensive knowledge and adept handling of high-profile contentious criminal mandates regularly attracts both local and international clients. Standing out as fully committed, he offers top-quality services that have earned him a stellar reputation.

José Ignacio Escobar: López Escobar Del Río Leiva

With a broad, well-earned reputation for representing individuals and corporates in criminal trials and investigations, José Ignacio Escobar offers specialized advice in economic crimes, especially those involving tax evasion and fraud offences. Recognized for his prompt and effective responses to complex legal matters, he provides a trusted service to his clients.

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Leonardo Battaglia Castro: Ortiz & Cía

Leonardo Battaglia Castro focuses his expertise on white-collar crimes such as disloyal administration and fraud, providing valuable assistance to clients in a variety of such cases. An esteemed name in the Chilean legal market, he is described by his peers and clients as a highly knowledgeable and proficient practitioner.

Cristián Muga Aitken: Ortiz & Cía

Cristián Muga Aitken’s wide-ranging experience in white-collar crime making him an expert advisor for clients dealing with economic crimes. His comprehensive knowledge of Chilean criminal law and market trends makes him an invaluable resource in the field.

Davor Harasic: Harasic/Barros

Davor Harasic is a highly acknowledged figure in the Chilean white-collar crime sector, consistently sought after for representation in criminal litigation and investigations spanning across multiple economic crimes. His practice is renowned, and his participation in significant cases sets him apart.

Juan Pablo Hermosilla Osorio: Hermosilla y Compañía

Primarily known for his criminal law practice, Juan Pablo Hermosilla Osorio of Hermosilla y Compañía frequently handles cases involving accusations of sexual harassment. Regarded as a veteran in the Chilean legal market, he possesses immense experience and commendable knowledge of various criminal law matters.

Marcos Contreras Enos: Bascuñán Barra Awad Contreras Schürmann

Appraised for his deft handling of white-collar crime matters, Marcos Contreras Enos specializes in criminal fraud, embezzlement, tax crimes, and cybercrimes. With outstanding professional abilities and a strong reputation, he wins the trust of his clients and is renowned for his intelligence and expertise in criminal matters.

Hugo Rivera Villalobos: Rivera Bunger Barahona Bonacic Castillo Abogados

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Hugo Rivera Villalobos excels in handling high-stake white-collar crime issues with supreme proficiency, specifically financial crimes like unfair administration and fraud. His experience and well-reputed standing make him a prominent figure in the criminal law market in Chile.

Gabriel Zaliasnik: Albagli Zaliasnik

With immense experience in white-collar criminal matters, Gabriel Zaliasnik is a seasoned professional in high-profile and complex white-collar criminal litigation cases and investigations. His commitment toward his cases and insightful expertise make him a highly sought-after legal authority for dealing in financial crimes.

All these lawyers showcase the breadth and depth of talent available in the field of dispute resolution and white-collar crime in Chile. Their respectful reputations speak volumes of their dedication, expertise, and ability to deliver exemplary service in complex legal scenarios.

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