Top 10 Trailblazing Lithuanian Banking and Finance Lawyers of 2023

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Lithuania’s banking and finance industry is home to many talented and accomplished lawyers. Their expertise spans various areas, including regulatory matters, capital markets, and corporate financing. This article showcases some of the most interesting banking & finance lawyers in Lithuania, delving into their backgrounds, achievements, and providing a glimpse into their firm’s profile. Each of these professionals brings a unique perspective to the sector, cementing Lithuania’s place on the map as a significant global financial hub.

These lawyers possess a deep understanding of the financial services industry, which is underscored by their success in handling both standard and complex financial transactions. Additionally, their contribution to Lithuania’s economy is also noteworthy, as they provide strategic advice to their clients and assist in structuring key financial mandates that drive growth in the sector. To that end, let’s take a more detailed look at who these exceptional lawyers are.

This article aims to offer a comprehensive perspective on these industry standouts, providing background information, highlighting their achievements, and outlining their contributions to the industry. Below are the profiles of ten noteworthy banking and finance lawyers in Lithuania:

Vidmantas Drizga

Vidmantas Drizga is a co-head at TGS Baltic, particularly noted in the industry for his rich experience in the capital markets space.

Inga Karulaitytė-Kvainauskienė

Inga Karulaitytė-Kvainauskienė, of ECOVIS ProventusLaw, frequently advises fintech startups and corporate clients across numerous financing mandates, specializing in regulatory matters.

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Aurelija Balčiūnė

The eminent Aurelija Balčiūnė from COBALT, assists with venture capital transactions and advises companies on how to secure financing from banks.

Giedrius Stasevičius

One of the leading figures in the banking and finance market, Giedrius Stasevičius, from Ellex Valiunas provides comprehensive advice to corporate groups on complex and cross-border transactions and regulatory issues.

Akvilė Bosaitė

Akvilė Bosaitė, also with COBALT, excels in managing the regulatory aspects of financing, assisting financial institutions with licensing and handling venture capital and transactional mandates.

Gediminas Rečiūnas

Gediminas Rečiūnas from WALLESS has a stellar reputation providing lender-side clients with representation on complex financings and addressing regulatory issues.

Gintautas Šulija

Gintautas Šulija from ŠULIJA & PARTNERS is highly recommended for his expertise in asset finance related to aviation, and advises frequently on aircraft leasing and financing.

Joana Baublytė-Kulvietė

Joana Baublytė-Kulvietė of WALLESS provides advice to clients on a wide array of transactions including financings and regulatory issues. She is also noted for her work in the capital markets advising on IPOs and bond issuances.

Tomas Kontautas

Tomas Kontautas, managing partner at Sorainen, is a leading authority in the Lithuanian financing market. His extensive experience covering insurance regulatory issues, complex financings, and fund structuring mandates puts him in the top tier of finance lawyers.

Augustas Klezys

Augustas Klezys, also at Sorainen, assists with transactional mandates such as acquisition finance, regulatory matters of financial products, and bond issuance mandates.

These remarkable banking and finance lawyers embody the profound expertise and talent present in Lithuania’s financial sector today. Their contributions to the industry and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to shape the trajectories of businesses and influence financial trends well beyond Lithuania’s borders.

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