Top 10 Trailblazing Life Sciences Lawyers Influencing Poland’s Legal Landscape, 2023

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The life sciences sector has been booming in recent years, with continued growth in medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. A part of this success is a strong legal support network advocating for rights, navigating regulatory landscapes, and ensuring business continuity. In the context of laws governing life sciences, Poland has seen some distinctive talents emerge. This article endeavors to profile the bio of 10 innovative and noteworthy Polish life sciences lawyers who are sculpting the legal framework of the industry today. All are practicing in Poland and are actively contributing towards the fortification of the Life Sciences sector.

The selected lawyers are not only accomplished in their specific areas of expertise but also well-rounded in their approach to handle the industry’s multifaceted nature. For the legal enthusiasts out there, we delve into who these individuals are, their current affiliations, and what makes them notable figures in Poland’s life sciences legal sector. By casting a light on these professionals, we hope to recognize their hard work and dedicated service to this industry.

For companies, investors, or individuals involved in life sciences, it’s crucial to understand how legal experts can help navigate the complex regulations and challenges. Whether you are interested in their services or simply want to familiarize with the work they are doing, the upcoming sections presents a detailed account of each lawyer.

Ewa Rutkowska

Ewa Rutkowska is an expert in pharmaceutical law, healthcare law, and product liability. She has many years of experience in product liability litigation, including highly publicized cases of global product recalls from the market.

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Tomasz Jaworski

At Rymarz Zdort Maruta, Tomasz Jaworski brings exceptional prowess in handling litigation and regulatory issues. Much of his work involves aiding international pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

Monika Duszyńska

Monika Duszyńska functions within Monika Duszyńska Kancelaria Adwokacka, she assists clients with reimbursement and distribution matters while also addressing regulatory issues.

Walery Arnaudow

Walery Arnaudow of MOYERS is known for his perceptive advice on distribution strategies. Representing clients from both public and private sectors, he consistently provides strategically sound advices.

Paulina Kieszkowska-Knapik

Paulina Kieszkowska-Knapik is an expert in life sciences, including pharmaceutical law, the reimbursement law, healthcare law, an advisor to numerous companies as well as an expert of industry organisations active in healthcare sector.

Katarzyna Czyżewska

Working for Czyżewscy Kancelaria Adwokacka, Katarzyna Czyżewska is renowned for her advice on reimbursement issues, production, manufacturing, and regulatory matters. She continues to shape the sector in Poland.

Oskar Luty

Oskar Luty serves at FAIRFIELD and recently rose to prominence due to his strong market reputation. His expertise focuses on medical devices matters.

Michał Czarnuch

Michał Czarnuch, a heavy hitter at Rymarz Zdort Maruta, is a recognized figure in the life sciences legal sector. His main work revolves around advising international pharmaceutical companies on reimbursement and distribution issues.

Marcin Tomasik

Another key player at Tomasik Jaworski sp.p., Marcin Tomasik excels in licensing, regulatory issues, and pharma-oriented disputes. His vast experience shapes his successful law practice.

Tomasz Kaczyński

Tomasz Kaczyński, a lawyer at Domański Zakrzewski Palinka, is known for managing a range of matters such as litigations, reimbursements, and distributions in a proficient manner.

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The dynamic landscape of life sciences reflects the commitment and expertise of these legal professionals. Each one of them, with their unique style, leaves an indelible imprint on the life sciences sector in Poland. Their work continues to exemplify the importance of legal guidance in a fast-growing industry.

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