Top 10 Trailblazing Insurance Lawyers Shaping Argentina’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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The Argentine insurance industry is home to a plethora of distinguished legal professionals, each providing invaluable services to insurance companies, brokers, and insured parties. In this exceptional field, a number of lawyers have stood out for their exceptional contribution, insight, and legal acumen. Today, we spotlight some of the most accomplished insurance lawyers in Argentina.

In a market that is constantly evolving and dynamic, the expertise and legal prowess of these lawyers work as guiding lights. Their understanding of insurance matters, commercial awareness, and the needs of clients and companies set them apart in a highly competitive field. With their extraordinary record in various insurance-related cases and their constant commitment to their clients, these lawyers present a successful blend of knowledge, skills, innovative thinking and diligence.

As we delve into their individual achievements and specific expertise, we find that their ability to adeptly navigate through legal complexities and deliver efficient solutions is truly commendable. Each one of these lawyers has demonstrated their vast understanding of commercial and maritime insurance, regulatory insurance matters, the reinsurance sector, and global insurance trends. Their influence and contributions to Argentina’s insurance industry is noteworthy, as is their constant endeavour to deliver excellence to their clients.

Daniel Seoane

Beccar Varela’ Daniel Seoane is a seasoned expert whose significant contribution to the firm’s insurance department is lauded by clients and peers alike. With his substantial legal knowledge and strong commercial awareness, Seoane provides regular counsel to insurance companies, brokers, and insured parties.

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Alberto Bunge

Recognized for his deep knowledge of the Argentine insurance market, Kennedys‘ Alberto Bunge is a dynamic professional who is highly admired for his professionalism and constant availability to clients.

Martín Argañaraz

Martín Argañaraz of Allende & Brea is regarded by many as a reference in the field of insurance. His mastery of insurance matters and his understanding of international reinsurance companies positions him at the top of his field.

Pablo Cereijido

Another star legal professional in the insurance field is Pablo Cereijido of Marval O’Farrell Mairal. His wide knowledge, availability, and understanding of the business vision of his clients puts him in high esteem among clients and peers alike.

Elías Bestani

Known for his strong practice in advising clients on maritime and aviation insurance matters, Elías Bestani is another respected partner at Marval O’Farrell Mairal. His sound advice, diligence, and practicality earn him high praise from clients.

Martín Zapiola Guerrico

At Zapiola Guerrico & Asociados, Martín Zapiola Guerrico’s extensive knowledge of insurance matters provides peace of mind to clients during trials, helping them understand market tendencies and matters that may be of interest to their company.

Laura Santanatoglia

Clients recognize Allende & Brea’s Laura Santanatoglia for her extensive regulatory insurance knowledge in Argentina.

María Fraguas

Stellar partner María Fraguas at Nicholson y Cano Abogados stands out as possibly the most important life insurance lawyer in Argentina. Her solid professional insight, market recognition, and integrated business vision make her a key player in the industry.

Mariano López Saavedra

As one of the most praised partners at López Saavedra & Villarroel, Mariano López Saavedra’s strategic approach and understanding of the reinsurance market make him an asset to his clients.

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Martín Manzano Cornejo

Finally, although his firm lacks a website, Martín Manzano Cornejo of Manzano, Lopez Saavedra & Ramirez Calvo is celebrated for his excellent insurance claims practice and sound advice on maritime insurance mandates.

These lawyers, with their unmatched knowledge and experience, continue to shape the insurance industry in Argentina, ensuring it remains dynamic and robust in the face of new and evolving challenges.

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