Top 10 Trailblazing General Business Law Lawyers Dominating Haiti’s Legal Scene in 2023

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The legal framework of a country is an essential cog in its business synergy. This is especially true in Haiti, a vibrant and burgeoning economy in the Caribbean. Herein, we consider some of the notable practitioners in the General Business Law space, their firms, and their unique contributions to the Haitian business sector. These lawyers, each with a distinctly different practice, contribute immensely to guiding businesses through the complexities of business law – providing invaluable service in various industries such as shipping, finance, commerce, and more.

While some specialise in intellectual property rights and employment regulations, others handle commercial mandates and corporate regulatory work. Regardless of their focus, their work significantly impacts the Haitian market and its ongoing growth. Moreover, law practices without dedicated websites have relied on traditional means of publicity and enjoy significant recognition and respect within the Haitian legal fraternity. Now let’s explore these individuals in more detail.

Living up to all ethical professional standards, these Haitian lawyers have mastered the art of facing every challenge with a unique and significant approach. Their commitment to the profession and invaluable contribution makes them a beacon for businesses operating or planning to operate within the boundaries of Haiti.

Salim Succar

Salim Succar is a partner at the Cabinet Lissade-Succar, and runs a broad practice that includes expertise in shipping, intellectual property, finance and tax matters. His diverse range of skills positions him as a valuable resource in an array of business-related law issues.

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Patricia Lebrun

A thriving lawyer, Patricia Lebrun, works with Cabinet Vieux & Associés. Despite the lack of an established website, she enters the rankings with her handling of commercial mandates, with a client portfolio consisting of numerous financial institutions.

Jean-Frédéric Salès

Hailing from the Cabinet Salès, Jean-Frédéric Salès uses his longstanding expertise in the intellectual property field to assist clients. In addition to these, he handles labour and employment mandates, providing unbeatable representation in the local courts.

Bernard Gousse

Bernard Gousse, a key player in the Haitian market, offers skilled support in corporate matters. Providing his services from Pasquet, Gousse et Associés, his in-depth expertise covers corporate regulatory work, along with securities mandates.

Ketlie Thybulle Woolley

Working with the Cabinet Hudicourt-Woolley, Ketlie Thybulle Woolley has established a prominent presence in the Haitian market. Well-regarded by financial institutions, she handles matters arising in the finance sector.

Elisabeth Colimon Woolley

Elisabeth Colimon Woolley serves at the Cabinet Dantès P. Colimon. Despite the firm lacking a website, her reputation stands tall as a litigation expert. She is often sought for her quality work and vast experience by international clients on contentious matters.

Camille Fievre

Camille Fievre, from the Juris Excel Cabinet d’Avocats, focusses on commercial litigation. He is well-known for his academic contributions to the Haitian law market, shaping the terrain in which businesses operate.

Alexandra Brun

Alexandra Brun, a practitioner at Juris Consult, is highly acclaimed for her work in commercial matters. With her expertise in corporate and finance mandates, she carries out practice in Haiti.

Jean Vandal

Jean Vandal, although working without a dedicated firm website at Vandal & Vandal, has earned respect for his contributions to Haiti’s legislative reforms. His work in the Haitian legal market is well known.

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Gerd Pasquet

Gerd Pasquet, from Pasquet, Gousse et Associé, is a skilled representative of clients in banking and transactional mandates. His work greatly aids businesses in navigating the intricacies of banking law.

These are strong figures in the Haitian General Business Law landscape, providing informed counsel to an array of businesses and playing a significant role in the economic growth of Haiti. Their determination and acumen make them indispensable in their fields and to the businesses that rely on their guidance.

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