Top 10 Swedish Lawyers Influencing Competition and European Law in 2023

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Sweden has a vibrant legal scene, particularly in the space of Competition/European Law. The Scandinavian nation boasts some of the leading lawyers in the field, not just within the vicinity but across the globe. This article aims to shed light on these high-esteemed professionals known for their conscientious work, innovative strategies, and unwavering dedication to the law and their clients.

Ranging from experts in merger control matters to state aid issues, Sweden has it all. Here we have an outstanding collection of lawyers who have carved out prominent places in the industry, repeatedly setting standards for legal service delivery in both domestic and regional arenas.

Presented below are the profiles of ten such notable lawyers representing a broad spectrum of expertise in Competition/European Law. They have consistently showcased their adept handling of complex mergers, antitrust matters, and competition law issues, often steering multinational corporations through complicated legal landscapes.

Peter Forsberg

Peter Forsberg of Hannes Snellman frequently assists clients – states, regional and domestic corporations – with merger control mandates. His experience and knowledge in this sector have established him as a noteworthy competition lawyer in Sweden.

Fredrik Lindblom

Fredrik Lindblom of Advokatfirman Cederquist KB is adept at handling merger control matters, investigations into potential cartels, and issues of abuse of dominance. He also assists with state aid matters, further strengthening his footprint in the law industry.

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Eric Ericsson

Eric Ericsson is recognized for his extensive experience in competition law. Ericsson, who runs his law firm, Advokat Eric Ericsson AB, assists clients from Sweden and across the Nordic countries.

Elisabeth Eklund

Elisabeth Eklund of Delphi has a wealth of expertise advising on investigations into possible cartels and allegations of unfair pricing. Eklund is often at the forefront of assisting clients with competition law compliance matters, particularly acting for industry associations.

Olle Rislund

Olle Rislund of BOKWALL RISLUND Advokatbyrå delivers market-leading expertise in a wide array of competition law issues. He stands out for his proficiency in assisting with competition compliance aspects of transactions and with anti-competitive behavioural investigations.

Mats Johnsson

Mats Johnsson of Advokatfirman Schjødt handles a range of competition and EU law mandates and is especially skilled in merger control and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) issues.

Amir Mohseni

Amir Mohseni of BOKWALL RISLUND Advokatbyrå advises international companies on complex transactional and behavioural mandates. His recent work includes involvement in abuse of dominance investigations, private enforcement actions, and the competition clearance for joint ventures.

Rolf Larsson

Rolf Larsson of Setterwalls is recognised for his significant experience in competition law. He assists clients with investigations into anti-competitive practices and compliance issues.

Ulrica Salomon

Ulrica Salomon of Cirio Advokatbyrå AB has a broad practice, advising on merger control mandates, cartel investigations, and state aid issues.

Kristian Hugmark

Kristian Hugmark of Roschier frequently acts on merger notification mandates regarding cross-border transactions, including Phase II investigations. He often represents clients from the private equity sector and shows further experience assisting with contentious follow-on cases and state aid mandates.

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