Top 10 Revolutionary Bolivian Labour & Employment Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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When considering doing business in Bolivia, it is important to take into account the prevailing business laws, and finding the right partner to assist is crucial. In a country undergoing political and socio-economic changes, understanding the dynamics of labour and employment laws can be tricky. Hence, having reliable lawyers and law firms familiar with the terrains of this sector is a must. This piece will focus on top-rated Bolivian lawyers specializing in Labour & Employment law, providing an insight into their experiences, profiles, and firms they operate within.

Labour and Employment lawyers help in providing expert legal advice on issues such as employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, employment discrimination, as well as unfair labour practice claims. They also handle labour disputes, wage and hour violations, workplace safety and health issues, and workforce restructuring. Below are some of the most sought-after and reviewed lawyers in Bolivia, specializing in this field.

Highlighted in this article are professionals recognized for their contribution to the field of Labour & Employment law. They have proven themselves to be industry leaders, providing solid advice and counsel to both local and international clients.

Jeannine Lozada

Jeannine Lozada operates out of Indacochea & Asociados. An “Associate-to-watch,” she is known for her “strong client services” and expertise in immigration practice. According to clients, Jeannine offers solid advice in the areas where she specializes.

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Carolina Aguirre

Carolina Aguirre, a respected partner at the Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa Sociedad Civil – BAQSN, regularly assists local and international clients. Her services include handling individual and collective litigation, labour restructuring, and social security claims. As noted by a market observer, Carolina’s experience and attention to detail have made her a knowledgeable labour lawyer in Bolivia.

Alejandro Pemintel

Considered by many to be one of Bolivia’s most active labour and employment lawyers, Alejandro Pemintel is a partner at the PPO Abogados. Noted as a “high-level professional”, Alejandro is hailed for his dynamic nature and qualifications, especially in handling national and international labour and employment cases.

Luis Enrique Pérez

Another notable lawyer from PPO Abogados is Luis Enrique Pérez. As an “Associate-to-watch”, Luis offers expert advice and counsel in a variety of labour and employment mandates, including advisory and contentious issues. The strong client focus and ability to provide value-adding advice are the two attributes that stood out for his recommender.

Luz Maria Iriarte

Continuing the list of noteworthy associates from PPO Abogados is Luz Maria Iriarte. She joins the rankings due to strong market praise. Clients commend Luz Maria for her strong client focus and excellent negotiation skills, especially when handling contentious situations. She is known to provide practical and applicable solutions rather than just a technical analysis.

Jaime V Lora

Adept at handling contentious labour and employment matters, Jaime V Lora is a partner at Dentons Guevara & Gutiérrez S.C. Clients have labelled Jaime as methodical and highly appreciated in providing advice, with one declaring, “We are very pleased to work with him.”

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Ximena Gumucio

Ximena Gumucio of Gumucio & Abogados is known to efficiently handle contentious labour and employment mandates. A client commended her for providing service that aligns with business objectives and for her great focus on solving their problems.

Andere Indacochea P de Z

Andere Indacochea, a partner at Indacochea & Asociados, has significant experience in assisting clients with collective bargaining agreements, labour compliance and employee terminations. Clients value Andere for her strong technical knowledge and the ability to handle complex dismissals.

Pablo Carrasco Quintana

Pablo Carrasco Quintana, a pre-eminent partner at Carrasco, Firma de Abogados, is highly esteemed by interviewees. They are impressed by his vast knowledge of the labour and employment sector and his good relationships with local authorities.

José Paul Aramayo Salinas

Operating out of Moreno Baldivieso, José Paul Aramayo Salinas is praised for his client-centric approach. His understanding of organizations and his responsiveness are particularly lauded by observers.

These lawyers, with their wealth of knowledge, dedication, and high professional standards, demonstrate the strength and dynamism of Bolivia’s labour and employment legal sector. It is recommended that organizations, both local and international, who are navigating the intricate terrain of Bolivian labour and employment law, consider partnering with these esteemed professionals.

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