Top 10 Preeminent South Korean Restructuring/Insolvency Lawyers of 2023 Unveiled

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South Korea is a remarkable destination for business, known for its rapid economic growth and the presence of highly skilled professionals across various industries including legal practice. A critical cog in the wheel of this business growth lies in the area of business law, particularly in the domains of restructuring and insolvency. With an increasing number of companies utilizing this legal crossroad as a strategic move to optimize operations or to navigate challenging times, the role of expert restructuring and insolvency lawyers continues to grow in necessity.

The insolvency and restructuring law practice has seen a constant evolution in dealing with multinational corporations, interpretation of new laws and tight legal deadlines. Thereby, compelling them to be well-versed with changing corporate landscapes, updated regulatory frameworks, international law, and business acumen. To this effect, several stellar attorneys have made their mark on the South Korean legal stage.

These eminent legal practitioners excel in assisting clients with bankruptcy proceedings, corporate restructuring, rehabilitation procedures, distressed M&A transactions and much more. We now take a closer look at some of the prominent names that have made an impact in this sector.

Sun Kyoung Kim

Sun Kyoung Kim leads the practice at Yulchon LLC. He oversees a broad practice, handling everything from bankruptcy proceedings to corporate restructuring and rehabilitation procedures, further solidifying his place as a notable litigator in the restructuring and insolvency industry.

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Young-Geun Kim

In service with Shin & Kim, Young-Geun Kim has demonstrated an impressive ability to assist clients with rehabilitation and reorganization proceedings. Notably, his deep knowledge of the shipping and automotive sectors enables him to provide high-quality legal advisory services to both domestic and foreign clients.

Sang-Goo Han

With an experience of over two decades in private legal practice, Sang-Goo Han heads the restructuring and insolvency group at Yoon & Yang LLC. As a veteran in his field, he frequently advises both debtors and creditors on rehabilitation proceedings and distressed M&A transactions.

Eunjai Lee

Heading the restructuring and insolvency practice at Lee & Ko is Eunjai Lee. Active in advising primary creditors and debtors on a wide range of bankruptcy mandates, Lee’s expertise extends to litigation, rehabilitations and reorganizations, particularly in the shipping and aviation industries.

Bok-Gi Choi

Working at Shin & Kim, Bok-Gi Choi is well-versed in handling M&A transactions for companies engaging in corporate rehabilitation procedures. His experience encompasses advising both sellers and buyers of distressed companies operating in shipping, manufacturing and consumer goods sectors.

Chul Man Kim

Chul Man Kim, practicing at Yulchon LLC, co-leads the restructuring and insolvency practice. His strength lies in cross-border insolvency litigation practice, making him a popular choice among creditors and debtors.

Hyo Jong Choi

Recently recognised by market sources, Hyo Jong Choi of DR & AJU LLC has extensive experience advising on rehabilitation procedures and distressed M&A transactions. He is highly recommended for his continual strides in the law practice.

Jung Hyun Lee

Jung Hyun Lee, practicing at Lee & Ko, advises companies undergoing corporate rehabilitation procedures frequently. His client base includes large manufacturers and construction companies, and he is also proficient at advising creditors on their role in restructuring and bankruptcy procedures.

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Chiyong Rim

Chiyong Rim of Kim & Chang maintains a commendable position in the Korean legal market. His experience includes serving as a judge in the Seoul Central District Court bankruptcy division and as a commissioner on the National Court Administration’s Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy Committee, equipping him with particular expertise in bankruptcy proceedings and corporate rehabilitations.

Young-Ku Lee

At Shin & Kim, Young-Ku Lee co-heads the restructuring and insolvency practice. With over two decades of experience, he formerly served as the chief judge in the bankruptcy division of Seoul’s Central District Court and deals predominantly with civil and commercial litigation cases.

The extraordinary dedication of these professionals not only strengthens the legal framework but also introduces pioneering legal practices in South Korea’s ever-growing economy.

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