Top 10 Oregon Immigration Lawyers Influencing Business Landscape in 2023

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Immigration law is a complex field, with many nuances and variations depending on the specific circumstances of each case. As such, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer when navigating this intricate area of law. Oregon is home to many such lawyers, who have built sterling reputations in the field of immigration law. These lawyers exhibit a high level of expertise and commitment, both in handling their client’s cases and in their active involvement within the broader immigration community. In this article, we will look at some of the most notable immigration lawyers in Oregon.

Considering the complexities of immigration law, the need for qualified and seasoned lawyers in this field cannot be overstated. Immigrants face unique challenges and legal obstacles that require professional intervention. Without competent advice and representation, individuals who might have otherwise been entitled to certain rights and protections might end up missing crucial opportunities. Hence, the role of an immigration lawyer is of immense importance. An experienced immigration attorney can provide valuable guidance through the complicated, often daunting, immigration process. These advocates use their knowledge and skills to defend their clients’ rights, protect their interests, and strive to ensure a fair and just outcome.

Moreover, the jobs of these lawyers don’t necessarily stop at the courtroom or the law office. Many work tirelessly to advocate for immigrant rights at the community, state, and even national level. Their roles often involve them in legislative and policy debates, where they lend their expertise to the development of fair and equitable immigration law and policy.

Jennifer M Morrissey

Based at Black Helterline LLP, Jennifer M Morrissey is renowned for her vast experience advising both employers and employees in a variety of sectors on immigration matters such as intracompany transfers and temporary work visas. She is also lauded for her expertise in handling family immigration matters.

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Melany Savitt

Melany Savitt, working with Tonkon Torp LLP, is a highly regarded business immigration practitioner. She handles a broad range of matters, including extraordinary ability petitions and intracompany transfers, and is particularly skilled in managing PERM certifications.

Teuta Norman

Teuta Norman, representative of Hecht & Norman, caters to a broad range of visa claims including investor claims, extraordinary ability and religious visas. Although her firm doesn’t have a web presence, her expertise in business immigration and family immigration matters is well-recognized.

Bradley Maier

At Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt PC, Bradley Maier specializes in business immigration and is highly esteemed for his work in compliance, focusing on representing employers and families in various immigration issues. He is proficient in dealing with permanent residency applications and frequently works for Canadian clients.

Tifani Parrilli

Tifani Parrilli from Parrilli Renison is a trusted professional for business immigration issues, especially for handling extraordinary ability petitions for researchers and clients from the education sector, and experience with religious visas.

Brent Renison

Brent Renison, also of Parrilli Renison, has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with complex business immigration matters, including intracompany transfers. He is also proficient in litigating for individuals concerning their immigration rights.

Stephen Manning

Stephen Manning of Immigrant Law Group, though lacking a firm website, focuses his practice on asylum matters and deportation defense. He consistently represents clients in litigation.

Melina LaMorticella

Also from Tonkon Torp LLP, Melina LaMorticella is a recognized authority in numerous business immigration matters, with a specialized focus on the healthcare sector. Her peers highly commend her for her dedication to her clients and the immigration community.

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Turid Owren

Turid Owren of Tonkon Torp LLP is known for her deep immersion in immigration law spanning over three decades. She regularly handles both inbound and outbound immigration, including Blanket L certification matters, for large businesses and nonprofits.

Alan Perkins

Another esteemed lawyer at Tonkon Torp LLP, Alan Perkins, offers his expertise extensively, handling a vast array of business immigration issues, including intracompany transfers, extraordinary ability petitions, temporary work visas, and permanent residency applications.

In conclusion, immigration is a journey marked by anticipation, hardships, and successes. The lawyers mentioned above are just some of the many diligent professionals helping immigrants overcome legal obstacles to secure a better future in the United States. With their knowledge, dedication, and experience, they are paving the way towards fair and equitable immigration practices in Oregon and beyond.

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