Top 10 Multi-Talented Arbitrators Dominating Spain’s Dispute Resolution Landscape in 2023

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Dispute resolution, specifically arbitration, can have significant impact on business results. Skilled arbitrators not only manage disputes and conflicts, they help shape the future of business and relationships amongst parties. In this article, we outline some of the most sought-after dispute resolution specialists and arbitrators in Spain. Ranging from seasoned industry veterans to talented rising stars recognised for their skills, these individuals represent the best in locally proficient and globally competitive dispute resolution.

These professionals come from reputed law firms or practise independently, and have a diverse range of specialisation. Regardless of whether they’re involved with disputes in Latin America, presiding over trading disputes in Europe, or offering their expertise in IP and trade mark disagreements, they bring unique perspectives and deep expertise. What’s more, these individuals are extensively engaged with a variety of arbitration courts and sectors, making every one of them a reliable pick for both domestic and international disputes.

While some have specific areas of focus like sports or commercial disputes, others are well-versed in various types of arbitration proceedings. They are the ones who understanding the pulse of business, aligning dispute resolution to business strategy and are therefore, in high demand. Let’s now take a look at these exceptional arbitrators:

Deva Villanúa

Firm: Armesto & Asociados
Deva Villanúa is a rising name in the arbitration landscape. As president and co-arbitrator in ICC and ICSID tribunals, she is highly sought-after, especially in relation to disputes in Latin America.

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Carlos González-Bueno

Firm: González-Bueno SLP
González-Bueno is renowned for his in-depth knowledge in IP and trademark disputes and has extensive experience in arbitral proceedings across Europe.

Gabriel Bottini

Firm: Uría Menéndez
Gabriel Bottini is well-versed with international investment arbitrations across Spain and Latin America.

Pilar Perales Viscasillas

Firm: Universidad Carlos III Madrid
Pilar Perales Viscasillas is recognized for her expertise in both international and domestic commercial arbitration.

Ignacio Díez-Picazo

Firm: Díez-Picazo Abogados
Known for his clear focus on commercial arbitration proceedings, Ignacio Díez-Picazo often acts as an arbitrator.

José María Alonso

Firm: José María Alonso Abogados, S.L.P.
An industry leader with impressive experience, José María Alonso assists with ad hoc tribunal proceedings and ICC matters and is additionally active in the Arbitration Tribunal of Barcelona.

Miguel Virgós

Firm: Virgós Arbitration
Having longstanding expertise in investment disputes, Miguel Virgós offers additional experience in complex arbitration proceedings.

Clifford Hendel

Firm: Hendel IDR
Known for his arbitration skills and experience in the ICC, Clifford Hendel is also recognized for his expertise in handling disputes in the sports industry.

José Antonio Caínzos

Firm: José Antonio Caínzos LDR
A seasoned independent arbitrator, José Antonio Caínzos has vast experience in dispute resolution. He acts as both counsel and arbitrator in commercial disputes.

Victor Bonnin Reynes

Firm: VB Arbitration
Equipped to preside over international commercial and investment arbitration proceedings, Victor Bonnin Reynes is a trusted name in the arbitration arena.

These are just a few of the key players shaping the trajectory of arbitration in Spain. Be it in commercial disputes or investment arbitration, these lawyers have not just been solving disputes but also making a significant difference to businesses – globally and locally.

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