Top 10 Most Influential Puerto Rico Corporate Lawyers: An Insightful Overview

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The island of Puerto Rico is home to a flourishing legal community with exceptional talent in the corporate and commercial law sector. These legal professionals offer unmatched expertise, making significant impacts not only within their respective firms, but also within Puerto Rico’s corporate/commercial legal sphere as a whole. The following are notable law practitioners in this sector, praised for their outstanding contributions and overall performance.

In this article, we shine light on these notable personalities in the corporate/commercial law industry – individuals who have, through their exceptional legal acumen and client-focused approach, carved a distinct place for themselves in the Puerto Rican legal landscape.

Here is a compilation of noteworthy corporate/commercial lawyers in Puerto Rico arranged in no particular order of relevance or ranking, each of them unique and highly revered in their field.

Alfredo Alvarez

Alfredo Alvarez works with O’Neill & Borges LLC. Receiving adulation for his outstanding work in the corporate and commercial arena, he has been described as a market leader and one of the best lawyers in his domain.

Fernando Rovira-Rullán

Fernando Rovira-Rullán is a partner at Ferraiuoli LLC. Known for his intelligence and exceptional skills, his practice is considered one of high quality in the Puerto Rican corporate and commercial law industry.

Ernesto Mayoral

Ernesto Mayoral holds an esteemed position at McConnell Valdés LLC. Lauded by his peers, his legal expertise is highly specialized and he is well-regarded for his mentorship to emerging professionals in the sector.

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Samuel T Сéspedes Jr

Samuel T Céspedes Jr, is an acclaimed partner at McConnell Valdés LLC. Highly-rated for his advisory roles in acquisitions and divestments, he is renowned for his high-quality advice in Puerto Rico’s corporate legal sphere.

Miriam de Lourdes Figueroa

Miriam de Lourdes Figueroa, a partner at DLA Piper (Puerto Rico) LLC, offers significant expertise in capital markets and infrastructure sectors in Puerto Rico, and is known for her ability to handle complex deals with immense competence.

Eduardo Arias

Eduardo Arias at Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez LLC, stands out for his work advising clients on debt restructuring mandates and possesses an excellent regulatory practice.

José R Cacho

José R Cacho from O’Neill & Borges LLC is an exemplary lawyer known for his practical approach and his extensive understanding of Puerto Rico’s corporate and commercial sphere.

Ivan Marrero

Ivan Marrero at Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez LLC is distinguished for his investment fund knowledge and practical solutions for complex problems, along with substantial business experience.

Manuel Rodríguez Boissén

Manuel Rodríguez Boissén from Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez LLC has won acclaim from clients for prioritizing client service and building a relationship based on trust and strong advice.

José F Rovira-Rullán

José F Rovira-Rullán of Ferraiuoli LLC offers extensive experience in advising clients on commercial lending and financial restructuring transactions, in addition to real estate acquisitions, divestments, and corporate governance mandates.

In conclusion, the richness and diversity of legal skill and expertise in Puerto Rico’s corporate/commercial sector are evident. These esteemed individuals continue to set the bar high and inspire upcoming legal professionals through their commitment, diligence, and outstanding contribution to the field.

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