Top 10 Maritime Regulatory Lawyers Influencing US Shipping Industry in 2023

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As the growth of international trade continues to revolutionize the global economy, an understanding of maritime law becomes increasingly essential. The realm of maritime law is vast and complex, dealing with the myriad issues that arise in the shipping industry, such as vessel financing, ownership laws, customs rules, port infrastructure, and environmental regulations. At the forefront of this dynamic field are a group of exceptional attorneys who are not only recognized for their depth of knowledge and experience in the industry but also for their ability to stay abreast with the latest changes in regulations and seamlessly navigate the challenging waters of maritime law. This article profiles ten such lawyers whose innovative approach and extensive expertise have made them leaders in the field of Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory law in the USA.

William N. Myhre – K&L Gates

William Myhre has solid experience representing shipping industry clients before significant US agencies and government bodies, including the FMC, National Marine Fisheries Service, and the US Coast Guard. He is considered a go-to lawyer for policy and legislative issues in the maritime industry due to his insightful perspective. He actively operates nationwide.

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Ashley Craig – Venable LLP

A leading figure in maritime legislative and regulatory matters, Ashley Craig brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table. He is especially adept at dealing with trade and customs-related issues and has earned laudable approval for his strategic thinking. Serving clients in the USA and abroad, Ashley represents before both American and foreign government bodies.

C Jonathan Benner – Thompson Coburn LLP

Jonathan Benner specializes in broad regulatory matters concerning the shipping industry. His domain of expertise involves port infrastructure and maritime environmental regulations, where he has made significant contributions. He has been instrumental in handling numerous legal matters for notable shipping companies nationwide.

Michael Scanlon – K&L Gates

Primarily dealing with regulatory counseling for shipping companies and cruise operators, Michael Scanlon has proven instrumental in his guidance to the maritime sector. He also regularly liaises with the Federal Maritime Commission and other regulatory agencies to navigate the complexities of maritime law.

Jorge Romero – K&L Gates

Jorge Romero advises ship owners on vessel financing and ownership with a deftness that has earned him a sound reputation. He is lauded for his responsiveness and his clear understanding of both commercial needs and legal requirements.

Jeanne Grasso – Blank Rome LLP

Armed with her past experience as a coast guard officer, Jeanne Grasso brings unique practical knowledge to the field. She expertly handles regulatory compliance, and her representation of owners, cargo interests, and operators has garnered her high esteem. Jeanne also advises clients concerning investigations and enforcement proceedings.

Jonathan K Waldron – Blank Rome LLP

Serving for 20 years in the US Coast Guard, Jonathan Waldron brings to his maritime consultations an exquisite understanding of maritime environmental compliance, international trade, and Jones Act work. His practical experience is a boon for clients who need a deep understanding of maritime regulations.

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Bryant Gardner – Winston & Strawn LLP

Noted for his broad exposure to maritime law, Bryant Gardner is deemed to be extraordinarily knowledgeable of US flag, MARPOL, and government contract issues. His clients regard him as an exceptionally capable lawyer who consistently provides valuable insight and guidance.

Matthew J Thomas – Blank Rome LLP

Matthew Thomas stands apart for the wide spectrum of clients he serves in the maritime industry, including shipowners, insurers, ports, and maritime terminal operators. An expert in maritime logistics, he has an exceptional knowledge of trade sanctions issues that affect the sector’s clients.

Mark Ruge – K&L Gates

Mark Ruge is acknowledged for his deep understanding of maritime policy. His skill at communicating complex issues in a way that is both understandable and actionable has led him to represent significant maritime industry interests before Congress. These qualities have earned Mark Ruge high regard within the industry.

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