Top 10 Leading TMT Lawyers Dominating Colombia’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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In the dynamic field of TMT (Telecoms, Media, Technology), where rapid changes in regulations and technology require professionals to constantly maintain their edge, a handful of specialist lawyers are leading the way in Colombia. These experts, equipped with robust understanding, experience, and a drive to deliver flexible, client-focused solutions, are turning heads in the industry. Appealing to domestic and international clients alike, their services range from data privacy matters to commercial initiatives, interconnection issues, and the authorisation of publicity rights.

Without a doubt, their wide range of services is both a testament to the depth of their understanding, and to the breadth of the field itself. Industry insiders have lauded the lawyers for their insight, accessibility, and their unique ability to balance both business needs and legal requirements. In today’s post, we will be highlighting these remarkable individuals, shedding light on their profiles, their firms, and what makes them stand out in the industry.

Even as we delve into the individual profiles of these eminent lawyers, it is worth noting how they collectively shape the TMT environment in Colombia. Their systematic approach to thorny legal complications and their proactive contribution to defining best practices have played a crucial role in enhancing the stature of the field in the country.

Ángela María Noguera Moreno

Serving as an up-and-coming TMT partner at Vanegas Morales Consultores, Ángela María Noguera Moreno commands a strong position in Colombia’s data protection world. Possessing the exceptional ability to understand client requirements, she continually provides insightful advice, much to the appreciation of her clients.

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Stella Vanegas

Proviing reliable counsel at Vanegas Morales Consultores, Stella Vanegas is a seasoned practitioner in the TMT arena in Colombia. She effortlessly combines legal expertise in data protection with a solid understanding of her clients’ commercial needs, creating high-value propositions.

María Alejandra De Los Rios Rueda

As an Associate-to-watch at Lloreda Camacho & Co, María de los Rios has carved a niche for herself in the TMT field with her strong knowledge of data privacy matters. Her comprehensive approach is amply visible in the commercial initiatives she supports.

Luis Felipe Barrios Cadena

A vital part of BBGS Abogados, Luis Felipe Barrios Cadena oversees the TMT division. He leverages his extensive experience in the Colombian market to provide valuable advice, particularly on audiovisual mandates, including the authorisation of publicity rights.

Andrés Fernández

Andrés Fernández from Gómez-Pinzón is another Associate-to-watch in the Colombian TMT rankings. Fernandez is appreciated not just for his data protection practice, but also for his ability to balance business requirements with legal rules when suggesting solutions.

Lorenzo Villegas Carrasquilla

Working with CMS Rodríguez-Azuero, Lorenzo Villegas Carrasquilla is renowned for advising technology giants in Colombia on complex contentious mandates. His depth of understanding and experience receive unanimous praise from his clients.

Alfredo Fajardo

Alfredo Fajardo from Tovar, Fajardo & Asociados Abogados is a highly respected partner with extensive experience in handling various TMT mandates for national and international clients. His foothold in the area is well-recognised.

Felipe Tovar

Felipe Tovar, also from Tovar, Fajardo & Asociados Abogados, consistently provides practical wisdom in technology and telecommunications matters, including aspects related to regulatory interconnection and callback services.

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Gustavo Tamayo Arango

Colleague at Lloreda Camacho & Co and co-head of the department, Gustavo Tamayo Arango, is a key player in representing clients before Colombia’s Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications. Counted as a trusted ally, he ensures the best for his client’s commercial relationships.

Myriam Montenegro

Practising at BBGS Abogados, Myriam Montenegro excels at handling complex matters in the telecom, media, and technology sectors. Accounts from her clients validate her critical role in the successful development of their projects.

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