Top 10 Leading New Jersey Lawyers in White-Collar Crime Litigation 2023

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White collar crimes and government investigations are specific and delicately complex areas in the labyrinth of the legal complex. These cases involve nuanced tactics and innovative strategies by skilled attorneys, who have garnered ample experience in tackling these issues. New Jersey is home to some such brilliant minds, who have left an indomitable mark in the field by displaying their commanding prowess and knowledge. Let’s explore the profiles of these estimable attorneys specializing in white-collar crimes and government investigations in New Jersey.

Their work forms the backbone of a staunch defense in high-profile matters involving actions by corporate entities, politicians and individuals facing allegations, whose undertakings have come under the scrutiny of the government. These lawyers have successfully proved their expertise by representing numerous clients and earning respect from the industry’s best.

In this article, we introduce ten such acclaimed lawyers based in New Jersey. Each one brings a unique approach to the table, their strategies honed through years of expertise in a highly specialized field. These attorneys serve as valuable allies for any client enmeshed in legal complexity and requiring robust representation.

David Eskew: Abell Eskew Landau LLP

Known for his expertise in the healthcare sector, David Eskew is an experienced white-collar criminal defense lawyer with significant acumen in handling government investigations, trials, and enforcement matters. David is widely recognized for his practical approach and superior judgment, making him a solid choice for complex legal contests.

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Henry Klingeman: Klingeman Cerimele Attorneys

Henry Klingeman of Klingeman Cerimele Attorneys specializes in white-collar criminal defense matters, often representing high-profile clients, including politicians. His strategic long-term thinking sets him apart as an adept attorney capable of understanding intricate case nuances and their potential implications.

Ralph G. Marra: Calcagni & Kanefsky LLP

Ralph Marra boasts an expansive career in white-collar criminal defense, making him an excellent choice for representation in government investigations. His extensive experience as the Former Acting US Attorney has provided him with an invaluable knowledge base that heavily contributes to his strong reputation in the industry.

Eric Moran: Epstein Becker & Green PC

Eric Moran is a renowned attorney specializing in white-collar criminal defense and government investigations. His courtroom fearlessness and high competence in healthcare-related matters make him a go-to choice for sophisticated cases requiring detailed legal understanding.

John J O’Reilly: McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP

John O’Reilly incorporates white-collar criminal defense into his extensive litigation practice, dealing with diverse allegations like fraud, embezzlement, and securities violations. His representation encompasses both corporations and individuals.

Amy Luria: Critchley, Kinum & Denoia LLC

Amy Luria leverages her federal prosecutorial experience when handling white-collar criminal trials and investigations. Her problem-solving proficiency and tenacity constitute her as a well-regarded lawyer in New Jersey.

Raymond Brown: Pashman Stein Walder Hayden P.C.

Raymond Brown has been extensively involved in the defense of politicians accused of corruption and offers a comprehensive practice covering high-stakes trials, internal investigations, and compliance issues.

Thomas Ashley: Law Office of Thomas R Ashley, Esq

Thomas Ashley has vast experience in defending state criminal proceedings and federal white-collar criminal cases. His clients and peers celebrate his brilliant courtroom prowess, noting his smooth application of legal argument and strategy.

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Edward J Dauber: Greenberg Dauber Epstein & Tucker

Edward Dauber stands out for his broad experience in contentious matters, including prime expertise in white-collar criminal defense. This experience has landed him great esteem within the legal community.

Justin Walder: Pashman Stein Walder Hayden P.C.

Justin Walder has earned a stellar reputation for his comprehensive practice in white-collar criminal defense. His colleagues refer to him as the gold standard, a testament to his high standing within the industry.

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