Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawyers Shaping Michigan’s Innovation Ecosystem in 2023

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Intellectual Property (IP) rights are a significant part of any businesses’ strategic planning. From patents to trademarks and copyrights, IP laws help businesses legally protect their innovations, brands, and distinct business elements. Ensuring these rights are well represented and defended requires expertise and a deep understanding of the law. In Michigan, a group of lawyers stand out for their excellence in the field of IP law, known for securing and safeguarding their clients’ essential business interests. These individuals possess impressive records and are recognized for their comprehensive approaches to intellectual property rights enforcement and litigation. Here are ten of Michigan’s most notable Intellectual Property Lawyers.

Frank Angileri is a noteworthy attorney specializing in IP disputes. He is a highly regarded practitioner working with Brooks Kushman P.C., widely recognized for his expertise in patents and comprehensive experience in trademark and copyright cases. His peers commend him as a highly skilled patent litigator. Clients rely on Frank for his smart and experienced approach when dealing with complex IP legalities.

Working with Dickinson Wright PLLC, John S. Artz has earned an excellent reputation in IP litigation. John’s expertise extends beyond contentious issues, providing invaluable assistance in noncontentious IP matters. With many years of experience in patent, trademark, and copyright disputes, John offers reliable legal guidance that his clients appreciate.

Anessa Kramer

A standout attorney at Honigman LLP, Anessa Kramer is highly regarded for her trademark expertise. From enforcement to opposition work, Anessa’s thoughtful analysis and clear advice make her an excellent business partner and a fantastic lawyer.

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Glenn E. Forbis

Glenn E. Forbis is a distinguished patent litigator who often represents clients in high-stakes disputes. His practice spans various highly technical industries, and his notable litigation skills make him an important figure in Michigan’s IP law sphere, even without an online firm presence.

J. Michael Huget

Another standout attorney at Honigman LLP, J. Michael Huget is recognized as a leading IP attorney in Michigan. His excellent work in protecting patent portfolios for clients from the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors makes him an invaluable asset. Michael also helps clients with infringement claims, further enhancing his portfolio.

Steven L. Oberholtzer

Specializing in patent applications and prosecutions, Steven L. Oberholtzer from Dickinson Wright PLLC is particularly applauded for assisting clients in the engineering sector. His expertise and comprehensive approach to patent law make him a significant figure in IP law in Michigan.

Jonathan P. O’Brien

Also a part of the excellent team at Honigman LLP, Jonathan P. O’Brien is highly respected for his excellence in patent law and is particularly noted for his knowledge in pharmaceutical matters. The service and sophistication he brings to his clients make him a reliable ally in developing patent portfolios.

Bill Honaker

Bill Honaker of Dickinson Wright PLLC offers extensive experience in patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Beyond his noncontentious IP expertise, he is also well versed in IP litigation. Bill skillfully represents clients in patent infringement claims and disputes, demonstrating his versatility in IP law.

Susan M Kornfield

Chairing the intellectual property group at Bodman PLC, Susan M Kornfield is frequently sought after for her ability to litigate and mediate various IP disputes. Known as one of the best and most experienced trademark attorneys, Susan’s keen eye for detail and deep understanding of the law sets her apart.

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Lisabeth H Coakley

Finally, Lisabeth H Coakley, despite her firm not having an online presence, receives high praise for her expertise in trademarks. She consistently guides clients through filing and enforcement of their IP rights globally, proving her exceptional prowess in the field.

These exceptional lawyers embody the expertise and dedication necessary to navigate the complex and critical field of IP law, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their clients’ intellectual property needs.

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