Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawyers Dominating Uruguay’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Uruguay has a vibrant intellectual property scene with experts specializing in a range of areas including copyright, trademarks, patents, data privacy, anti-counterfeiting and infringement proceedings. The country’s law firms boast a wealth of experience and are sought-after for their knowledge and commitment to their craft. This article provides an overview of some of the prominent Intellectual Property lawyers in Uruguay who not only master their domains but also continue to contribute significantly to the industry.

The following list is not exhaustive, and the talented lawyers mentioned below are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether they are key partners, active members, or up-and-coming practitioners within their respective law firms, these individuals have earned recognition, often drawing praise from both clients and peers in the field of intellectual property. Their work often involves complex cases, demanding not just expertise, but also creativity and diligence.

In addition to their professional expertise, each of these lawyers brings individual qualities that further enhance their contributions to their clients and the broader Intellectual Property landscape. These are the Intellectual Property lawyers in Uruguay that you need to know about.

Javier Berdaguer

Javier Berdaguer is a key partner at Guyer & Regules. Praised for his broad knowledge and patience, he has the ability to explain very complex subjects in detail.

Mercedes Castells

Located at Fisher Abogados, Mercedes Castells is sought out regularly by clients for her expertise in copyright, data privacy and trademark issues. Clients applaud her commitment, professionalism, and precision.

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Gustavo Fischer

A stellar partner at Fischer Abogados, Gustavo Fischer is noted for his extensive experience across the full spectrum of IP matters, including trademarks, patents and copyright.

Natalia Paladino

Active partner at Cervieri Monsuárez, Natalia Paladino is lauded for her promptness in response and professionalism. She assists clients with infringement proceedings and trademark nullity actions.

Anabel Frachia

Up-and-coming practitioner at Cervieri Monsuárez, Anabel Frachia provides advice to clients from the fashion and retail industries on anti-counterfeiting mandates and enforcement of their IP rights.

Agustín Mayer West

Eminent practitioner Agustín Mayer West of Ferrere Abogados comes highly recommended for his extensive experience, dedication, and strength in the IP sector.

Federico Fischer

Up-and-coming practitioner at Fischer Abogados, Federico Fischer is hailed as a smart and serious lawyer with very promising potential.

Matias Cikato

Renowned for his competency in handling complex trademark mandates, Matias Cikato of Cikato Lawyers is highly sought after for his expertise.

Virginia Cervieri

Stellar partner Virginia Cervieri of Cervieri Monsuárez, holds notable expertise in anti-counterfeiting mandates and contentious IP cases. Her professionalism and efficiency make her an asset in the IP sector.

Agustina Fernández Giambruno

Regularly retained by clients for her expertise in patents and trademarks as well as her knowledge in the anti-counterfeiting arena, Agustina Fernández Giambruno of Fernández Secco & Asociados is making commendable strides in the Intellectual Property realm of Uruguay.

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