Top 10 Influential Structured Finance Lawyers Shaping Germany’s Capital Markets in 2023

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Germany’s financial landscape is dominated by a panel of exceptional lawyers who demonstrate unrivaled expertise in the field of Capital Markets: Structured Finance. Covering an array of specialties including synthetic securities, lease receivables, trade receivables, and more, these tenacious lawyers represent some of the top law firms in the nation. Each has carved out a unique niche in structured finance, providing robust solutions to the ambitious plans of their clients.

Their acumen and insight are transforming the German financial sector, guiding industry maneuvers, and shaping the economic narrative. They represent the best of Germany’s structured finance law sector and command significant influence on a national and international level. Dedicated to their craft, they have helped their clients navigate the labyrinth of the market, creating sustainable and viable financial structures.

Here, we put the spotlight on the standout talent in the structured finance legal sector in Germany, showcasing their expertise and their immense contributions to the field. Their compelling narratives demonstrate how they have effectively advised their clients, contributing to the overall health and vigor of the financial sector.

Stefan Krauss

As one of the top structured finance and derivatives experts in Germany, Stefan Krauss is esteemed for his extensive experience, particularly in the restructuring of synthetic securities, STS securitisations and structured bond programmes. Krauss is representing the firm Hengeler Mueller in the structured finance industry.

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Sven Brandt

Over at Hogan Lovells International LLP, Sven Brandt has built an impressive practice around consumer, lease receivables, and portfolio securitisations. Acting for leading banks and car leasing companies, Brandt is a trusted adviser in this sector.

Hannes Deusch

Coming to prominence through his increased visibility and recognition in the market, Hannes Deusch of Clifford Chance has made his mark by assisting with diverse structured finance mandates, including trade receivables and the setting up of alternative investment structures and platforms.

Stefan Henkelmann

Stefan Henkelmann of Allen & Overy LLP advises on cross-border synthetic securitisations, the development of lending and securitisation platforms, with an emphasis on SME financing. Frequently acting for asset managers and financial institutions, his product expertise is substantial.

Oliver Kronat

Highly visible in the structured finance world, Oliver Kronat of Clifford Chance is praised for his work in synthetic, trade receivables, RMBS, CMBS, and expectancy rights securitisations. Additionally, setting up alternative investment structures fall under his purview.

Arne Klüwer

As the head of Dentons’ European structured finance practice, Arne Klüwer has proven his expertise in a wide array of fields, including setting up of ABCP programmes, lease receivables transactions, updates on ISDA arrangements, and STS compliance.

Sandra Wittinghofer

Renowned for her work on securitisations, Sandra Wittinghofer of Baker McKenzie handles auto loan, trade, and lease receivables, including multi-compartment transactions. She is experienced in advising both domestic and international banks and corporations.

Martin Kaiser

Known for his expertise in structured finance mandates, Martin Kaiser of Ashurst has a specialty in auto and consumer loan receivables securitisations and updates of conduit programmes.

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Burkhard Rinne

Through his performances in structured finance, Burkhard Rinne at Linklaters has gained appreciation for his strength in synthetic securitisations, clearing models and equity derivative transactions. His advice is also sought-after for contentious matters related to stock market regulation and shareholder liability.

Barbara Lauer

Propelled by strong endorsement from industry observers, Barbara Lauer of Linklaters shines through her work in large-scale consumer and auto loan receivables securitisations and ABS transactions. Notably, her expertise in loan transfers and repacks is highly appreciated by clients.

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