Top 10 Influential Social Housing Lawyers in Northern/Northeastern Bar 2023

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Social Housing law is without a doubt an area that requires skilled and experienced minds to navigate successfully. At the very core, it requires lawyers that are in tune with the needs of their clients, those that are well-rounded and able to commit their resources to overseeing all aspects of the cases they take on. Some of these lawyers work from established firms in the Northern and North Eastern bar with a track record of excellence and credibility. In this post, we have curated a list of such lawyers who have left an indelible mark in the area of Social Housing law.

All the selected lawyers have showcased exceptional service, knowledge and acumen in dealing with the complex nature of social housing cases. They have shown dedication towards providing sterling representation for their clients, many of whom are facing various challenges and vulnerabilities. The article is a highlight of the lawyers’ distinct attributes, making it easier for potential clients to select a legal representative who fits their specific needs.

Each lawyer has a unique approach and preference when dealing with social housing law cases. These preferences, in one way or another, shape their overall practice and enhance their effectiveness and efficiency in handling various matters. Some prefer working with vulnerable clients, while others have a penchant for complex and intricate cases that challenge the norm.

Elizabeth Mottershaw

Elizabeth Mottershaw is a lawyer with the Garden Court North Chambers. She exhibits prowess in dealing with possession, injunction proceedings, unlawful eviction, disrepair, and homelessness cases. Particularly, Elizabeth often represents clients with vulnerabilities including mental and physical disabilities, as well as lack of capacity.

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Oliver Caplan

Oliver Caplan of 18 St John Street has considerable expertise in a wide range of social housing issues. He is equally adept at representing vulnerable clients, notably those grappling with mental health issues.

Gary Lewis

At Cobden House Chambers is Gary Lewis. He is a highly skilled junior lawyer, with a reputation for successfully handling cases on behalf of landlords and tenants in a wide range of social housing matters. His areas of expertise include possession proceedings, homelessness cases, and disrepair claims.

Helen Greatorex

Helen Greatorex is a dedicated housing law specialist based at Trinity Chambers. Her extensive expertise in the Equality Act 2010 makes her a sought-after representative in complex possession and discrimination cases.

Peter Marcus

Also at Trinity Chambers is Peter Marcus, who covers a broad range of housing cases across the Northern Circuit and beyond. Peter is lauded for his tenacious approach and skilful handling of clients and witnesses, often dealing with complex possession claims and anti-social behaviour matters.

Lucie Wood

Cobden House Chambers’ Lucie Wood represents both landlords and tenants in social housing matters. She is experienced in handling cases of unlawful eviction, disrepair, and selective licensing appeals.

Gary Willock

Gary Willock at Trinity Chambers boasts broad experience in social housing issues such as possession proceedings, mandatory and restraining injunctions, succession disputes and unlawful eviction cases. He is recommended for his experience in representing individuals who lack capacity.

Vilma Vodanovic

Also in Trinity Chambers is Vilma Vodanovic, an expert on disability and public law issues arising in housing cases. Her work includes possession and disrepair claims, as well as disputes relating to HMOs.

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Paul Whatley

At Cobden House Chambers is Paul Whatley, who advises both landlords and tenants. His clients include local authorities, individual landlords and public, as well as private sector tenants. He excels in possession, disrepair and trespass claims.

Tom Tyson

Based at Trinity Chambers, Tom Tyson is an experienced social housing litigator. With a dynamic practice, he effectively handles unlawful eviction, landlord and tenant issues, and possession proceedings.

These lawyers, through their exceptional service, have set a high bar for social housing law in the Northern and North Eastern regions; a testament to their dedication and prowess in the sector.

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