Top 10 Influential Patent Lawyers Shaping Intellectual Property Landscape in Brazil 2023

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The life cycle of an idea, from the spark of ingenuity to the patent grant, is one that requires expertise, knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property laws. At the heart of this process are patent lawyers, who choreograph the dance between creativity and legal protection. Offering behind-the-scenes insights into these intellectual property powerhouses, we delve into the patent universe of Brazil’s distinguished advocates.

Lawyers in the country’s intellectual property arena represent a blend of fresh talent and seasoned veterans, each bringing unique strategies and skills to the table. We not only appreciate their impressive records, but also their dedication to protecting the very essence of innovation – the idea. From facilitating complex patent processes to providing top-tier consultation, these lawyers have made their sustained mark on the industry.

Here, we profile 10 standout intellectual property lawyers in Brazil, deeply rooted in the innovation sector and acknowledged for their impeccable patent practice. Each section speaks to their industry prowess, respected standing in the community, and the invaluable role they play in safeguarding the ideas that shape our world.

André Zonaro Giacchetta

Belonging to the acclaimed Pinheiro Neto Advogados, André Zonaro Giacchetta is known for his astute understanding of digital trends and data protection coupled with intellectual property knowledge. His holistic approach has earned him recognition and acclaim in the patent industry.

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Ana Paula Celidonio

Head of department at Lobo de Rizzo Advogados, Ana Paula Celidonio has been lauded by clients for her reliable and precise patent handling skills. Her multifaceted capabilities as a lawyer, scientist, and manager have earned her a trusted name in the industry.

Gabriel Di Blasi

Operating from Di Blasi, Parente & Associados, Gabriel Di Blasi’s experience spans strategic patent prosecution to application. His dedication to client services and timely delivery has made him one of the most sought-after lawyers for trademark and patent cases.

Eduardo Hallak

Eduardo Hallak comes highly recommended for his expertise in litigation and non-litigation patent issues. His technical skills, business acumen, and proficiency in handling intricate lawsuits and freedom to operate assessments have rendered him a key player in the industry.

José Mauro Machado

Another esteemed name from Pinheiro Neto Advogados, José Mauro Machado is a “sophisticated litigator” with a keen ability to navigate diverse intellectual property issues. His knowledge and networking capabilities have contributed to many successful patent cases.

José Roberto Gusmão

Renowned for his academic credentials and expertise in sophisticated patent issues, José Roberto Gusmão, from Gusmão & Labrunie, is an esteemed name in the IP arena. His proficiency in managing complicated litigation processes and international patent prosecutions has earned him substantial respect among peers and clients.

Otto Licks

Otto Licks of Licks Attorneys is known for his unconventional thinking and visionary approach to intellectual property law. His expertise in strategic patent prosecutions and handling lawsuits has positioned him as a top player in the field.

Joaquim Eugênio Goulart

Co-head of the intellectual property department at Dannemann Siemsen, Joaquim Eugênio Goulart is acclaimed for his excellent technical know-how. His prominent presence in contentious patents and dealings within the healthcare and technology sectors has gained him a solid market recognition.

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Leticia Provedel

Leticia Provedel from Souto Correa Advogados is proficient in various aspects of patent and copyright agreements, trade secret violation, and trademark portfolio management. Her deep understanding of audiovisual matters makes her a point of reference in the field.

Ricardo Dutra Nunes

Ricardo Dutra Nunes represents Daniel Law and has seen his reputation soar in the realm of strategic patent litigation. He provides astute consultation in patent disputes, application rejections, invalidity, infringement, and nullity. His legal prowess has earned him commendable reviews and excellent results.

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