Top 10 Influential Montana Natural Resources & Environment Lawyers of 2023

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Montana is known for its rich natural resources and vast landscapes. As such, the state is a hub for legal professionals specializing in environmental and natural resources law. These lawyers guide and represent clients in matters related to natural resource utilization, regulation, and protection along with various environmental issues. This article showcases some of Montana’s noteworthy Natural Resources & Environment lawyers, providing insight into their expertise and practices.

These lawyers play a crucial role in balancing the need to utilize the state’s abundant resources and maintaining the integrity of Montana’s natural environment. With a diverse client-base latest from ranchers and oil companies to water projects, they handle both contentious and transactional matters with proficiency.

Whether it’s regulatory compliance, environmental litigation, or dealing with oil and gas law, these professionals have consistently demonstrated their in-depth knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. Below is a detailed list of ten Natural Resources & Environment lawyers making their stand in Montana.

John Bloomquist

John Bloomquist operates from Bloomquist Law Firm, representing a wide range of clients, from ranchers to water projects and industrial water users. He is known for his excellent handling of both contentious and transactional matters.

John R Lee

John R Lee of Crowley Fleck PLLP handles all manner of regulatory issues, contractual matters, and title examinations among other aspects, showcasing his versatility in the field.

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W John Tietz

Operating from Browning, Kaleczyc, Berry & Hoven PC, W John Tietz is an established environmental lawyer who is considered an expert in the market. He has been particularly successful in cases involving water rights.

Catherine A. Laughner

Catherine Laughner’s practice at Browning, Kaleczyc, Berry & Hoven PC consistently garners praise, especially for her effectiveness in representing clients in regulatory compliance and criminal environment matters.

Vicki Marquis

Vicki Marquis, also from Crowley Fleck PLLP, has made a strong impression in the market owing to her significant expertise in environmental litigation, with a focus on water quality matters.

Dale R Cockrell

Dale Cockrell regularly represents oil and gas clients in complex litigation. Despite no website presence, his extensive industry experience backing him has made him a regular feature in federal and state courts.

Don Lee

Don Lee’s deep understanding of oil and gas law enables him to advise clients effectively on title examinations and regulatory matters, making him one of the stand-out practitioners in this field.

Frank Crowley

Frank Crowley of Doney Crowley P.C advises on a variety of environmental matters, including legislative and administrative decisions. His diverse client-base ranges from governmental agencies to global corporations.

William W Mercer

William Mercer’s knowledge of government regulations has put him at the forefront of environmental mandates. He regularly counsels individuals and companies in relation to investigations and related litigation.

Holly Franz

Holly Franz has made a significant impression with her extensive knowledge of water law. She has consistently shone in managing some of Montana’s most complex water rights projects.

Each of these lawyers contributes significantly to the field of Natural Resources & Environment law in Montana, helping shape a sustainable future for the state’s rich resources.

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