Top 10 Influential General Business Law Lawyers in Mauritius 2023 Unveiled

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General Business Law Lawyers in Mauritius – Leading the Industry

Mauritius, an island nation, has established itself as a reputable and competitive business hub on the global platform. It’s successful and stable economy, propelled by sectors such as tourism, textiles, sugar, and financial services, is protected and guided by a comprehensive legal framework, which in turn is handled by some of the most experienced and expert lawyers in the business law sector.

The following list of prominent lawyers in Mauritius, who specialize in General Business Law, offers an insight into the individuals who tackle complex transactions, financial issues, litigation, and more. Their profiles, achievements, and expert areas form a vital part of the Mauritian corporate saga. Some of them represent firms with accessible websites, while others, though not less competent, continue serving their clients in a more traditional framework, without current online links to their practices.

However, every one of these individuals holds a strong position in the Mauritius business law sector, showcasing consummate proficiency and extensive knowledge to remain at the forefront of the legal industry.

Malcolm Moller

Malcolm Moller, a notable figure in Mauritius’ General Business Law landscape, is a part of the globally recognized firm, Appleby. With a proven track record in high-value transactions and acknowledged expertise in corporate finance, Malcolm’s clientele encompasses financial institutions and investment firms. He also holds a significant role as the managing partner of the firm’s Mauritius office.

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Martine de Fleuriot de la Colinière

Martine de Fleuriot de la Colinière is associated with the firm, ENSafrica (Mauritius). She predominantly assists clients on transactions and regulatory matters. Martine is sought after by both domestic and international banks and development finance institutions.

Ornella Bisquay

Ornella Bisquay provides her legal expertise at PLCJ Law Firm. Her reputation within the Mauritian market is notable, specifically for her work on litigation and antitrust matters. In addition, she advises international clients on investments and joint ventures.

Muhammad Uteem

Muhammad Uteem, the head of chambers at Uteem Chambers, is well-versed with handling banking and finance, and M&A mandates.

Dev Erriah

Dev Erriah, an integral part of the team at Erriah Chambers, advises clients on matters related to banking and finance, taxation, and cross-border transactions. His notable work within the corporate sphere sets him apart in the segment.

Bhavna Ramsurun

Bhavna Ramsurun, associated with BLC Robert & Associates, has been recognized for her topical expertise in financial and capital markets, including notes issuances and fund structuring mandates.

Avinash Sunassee

Avinash Sunassee, a key part of the team at 5 St James Court, is highly regarded for his contribution to corporate and litigation matters. His curriculum vitae includes assisting banks and private companies with loan agreements, M&A, restructuring, employment law, and insolvency.

Anjeev Hurry

Anjeev Hurry, belonging to Benoit Chambers, focuses his commercial practice on corporate insolvency, banking, and project finance. His extensive knowledge in capital markets, real estate, and taxation bolsters his credentials further.

Nadeem Lallmamode

Also a part of the Benoit Chambers, Nadeem Lallmamode is recognized for his mature handling of credit facility and loan agreements. He’s also well-versed in matters concerning investment funds and taxation.

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Clarel Benoit

Clarel Benoit from Benoit Chambers is a seasoned lawyer highly recognized for his work in M&A, corporate structuring, and taxation. Clarel’s invaluable experience advising international banking institutions on financing and insolvency continues to contribute to his celebrated career.

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