Top 10 Influential Dispute Resolution Lawyers Dominating Zambia’s Business Law 2023

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Zambia, is home to some of the most celebrated and highly regarded legal talent in General Business Law: Dispute Resolution. These dynamic practitioners, distinguished in their specialization, dominate the legal landscape, offering an extensive array of services that span from commercial disputes, competition law litigation, arbitration to mediation. Renowned for their remarkable tact and mastery in navigating business law matters, the lawyers make a significant contribution to shaping the country’s legal framework.

These specialised practitioners, renowned within Zambia’s dispute resolution market, have accumulated vast knowledge and experience in different sectors. Their breadth of experience ranges from the mining sector to resource companies and financial matters. Such comprehensive practices, coupled with their advisory skills make them preferred legal aids among different entities, including banks and other corporate institutions.

Against this backdrop, notable figures have emerged, spearheading dispute resolution across the nation. Despite the absence of centralised information about them, we appreciate the immeasurable contributions these individuals have made to Zambia’s legal sector.

Elijah Banda SC

Prolific lawyer Elijah Banda SC, based in Kitwe, forms a significant part of ECB Legal Practitioners and commands a position in the industry for his exemplary dispute resolution skills. He stands out for his activity in a variety of commercial disputes, showcasing his expertise notably in the mining sector.

David Chakoleka

A rising star in the legal sphere, David Chakoleka is a notable figure at Mulenga Mundashi Legal Practitioners. He engages in a wide spectrum of disputes, which includes commercial contract disagreements to accusations of unlawful dismissal. In addition to this, he also advises on finance transactions.

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Eric Suwilanji Silwamba SC

As a part of Dentons Eric Silwamba, Jalasi & Linyama Legal Practitioners, Eric Suwilanji Silwamba SC is a notable and experienced dispute resolution practitioner in Lusaka. He specializes in competition law litigation with a broad client base that includes resource companies and banks.

James Banda

The managing partner of AM Wood & Co, James Banda is lauded for his extensive involvement in dispute resolution cases. Apart from that, his experience also spans to arbitration and non-contentious conveyancing.

Newton K Mubonda

A legal stalwart at DH Kemp & Co, Newton Mubonda is a well-established dispute resolution lawyer in Zambia. His extensive practice involves litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

Abyudi Shonga SC

A well-followed figure in his field, Abyudi Shonga SC of Shamwana & Co is a seasoned lawyer who deals primarily in civil and commercial litigation.

John Sangwa SC

John Sangwa SC, a distinguished dispute resolution lawyer is based out of Lusaka. Affiliated with Simeza Sangwa & Associates, he is respected and recognized as a leading figure in this area.

Nchima Nchito SC

The highly successful Nchima Nchito SC, brings his extensive dispute resolution expertise to Nchito & Nchito Advocates. He also brings additional proficiency in advising on a myriad of corporate and financial matters.

Joseph Jalasi

Joseph Jalasi, based out of Lusaka, offers considerable contribution to Dentons Eric Silwamba, Jalasi & Linyama Legal Practitioners. With rich experience in environmental arbitration, competition disputes, and tax matters, he is an excellent choice for dispute resolution in Zambia.

Eddie Mwitwa

Finally, Eddie Mwitwa, a seasoned dispute resolution practitioner of Mwenye & Mwitwa – Advocates, has accumulated experience in such areas as labour, employment and intellectual property, placing him among the distinguished legal persons in Zambia.

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