Top 10 Influential Dispute Resolution Lawyers Dominating Hungary’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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In Hungary, the landscape of dispute resolution comprises an array of notable lawyers adept in effectively mediating and resolving conflicts through litigation, arbitration, and negotiation. Their areas of expertise span across various industries such as technology, media and telecommunications (TMT), pharmaceuticals, real estate and transportation among others. This article highlights some of the most accomplished legal professionals in Dispute Resolution in Hungary, describing their backgrounds, areas of expertise, and firm affiliations.

These professionals are masterfully skilled in navigating complex legal terrains, demonstrating strong support for their clients, irrespective of the level of complexity the dispute entails. They cover a wide range of dispute types including shareholder disputes, employment conflicts, commercial altercations, tax litigations, and contractual breaches among others.

They are versatile and innovative, leveraging their profound legal knowledge to ensure their clients always have the upper hand in proceedings. Be it multinational corporations or single entities, the highlighted lawyers push the envelope in providing top-tier dispute resolution services. Let’s delve into the individual profiles of these legal magnates in Hungary.

András Szecskay

András Szecskay is a highly respected practitioner at Szecskay Attorneys at Law, noted for his vast expertise in patent infringement, shareholder disputes, and enforcement of arbitral awards. András chiefly works with large pharmaceutical companies and also serves as an arbitrator.

Orsolya Kovács

At Nagy és Trócsányi, Orsolya Kovács shines in the area of tax litigation, real estate, and employment disputes. She efficiently handles damage claims and administrative litigation cases.

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Zsolt Okányi

Zsolt Okányi, the globar head of dispute resolution at CMS, has an outstanding track record in both litigation and arbitration in the TMT, pharmaceutical and construction sectors. He is also proficient in handling complex banking and contractual disputes. Zsolt is renowned for representing clients in criminal proceedings and as an arbitrator.

Miklós Boronkay

Miklós Boronkay, recognized as a key player in Szecskay Attorneys at Law, represents clients in commercial litigation including follow-on damages claims. He is experienced in arbitral award enforcement, mainly representing clients from the automotive sector. Miklós also acts as an arbitrator.

István Varga

István Varga from PROVARIS Varga & Partners is celebrated for his remarkable performance in litigation, specifically advising clients from the pharma, transportation and public sectors. Besides delivering legal advice, István Varga acts as an arbitrator.

Tamás Éless

At Oppenheim Law Firm, Tamás Éless frequently guides clients on damages claims and boasts of exceptional experience in handling disputes in the real estate and transport sectors. Respected for his work in arbitration proceedings, Tamás also serves as an arbitrator.

Milán Kohlrusz

Milán Kohlrusz of Bittera, Kohlrusz & Tóth, heads the department and showcases his prowess in commercial disputes, often representing clients from the aviation, energy, pharmaceutical, and real estate sectors. Kohlrusz is also skilled in international arbitration.

György Wellmann

György Wellmann, co-head of the department at Szecskay Attorneys at Law, navigates through employment and real estate litigation mandates, contractual breaches and procurement disputes. Backed by strong market support, György advises clients from real estate and TMT sectors and also on arbitrations.

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László Nanyista

Head of the Department at Bird & Bird, László Nanyista has profound experience in arbitration and commercial disputes, particularly damages claims, intellectual property cases and tax litigation. He regularly advises clients from the TMT sector and the transportation industry.

Zsolt Farkas

Zsolt Farkas of Oppenheim Law Firm is renowned for his involvement in contract disputes, real estate litigation and damages claims. Farkas is an advisor to clients from the energy and construction industries.

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