Top 10 Influential Dispute Resolution Advocates Transforming Sri Lanka’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Throughout Sri Lanka, there is an enviously rich vein of expertise in dispute resolution, with numerous leading independent advocates specializing in a range of areas—from commercial litigation and IP law, to maritime matters and fundamental rights work. The likes of Chandaka Jayasundere PC, Sanjeewa Jayawardena PC, and Harsha Amarasekera PC continually impress with their legal acumen and skilful advocacy. Here, we showcase these dynamic independent lawyers, adeptly navigating the intricacies of Sri Lanka’s dispute resolution landscape.

The absence of links to firm websites in this list signifies a key trait of these professionals—their status as sole practitioners. This offers a certain flexibility and firm-wide focal point for clients. In this meritocratic sphere, the reputations these experts have cultivated are earned solely from the strength of their work and the success they have achieved for their clients.

What these legal luminaries demonstrate is that Sri Lanka is home to a diverse array of top-tier legal experts excelling in various legal fields. Whether they’re handling administrative law cases, commercial disputes, or IP issues, these talented individuals continually elevate Sri Lanka’s reputation for dispute resolution.

Chandaka Jayasundere PC

A respected name in maritime litigation and commercial disputes, Chandaka Jayasundere PC is a sole practitioner based in Sri Lanka. Despite not having a firm website, Jayasundere’s reputation for excellence in the industry eclipses the need for digital credentials.

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Sanjeewa Jayawardena PC

Known for appearing regularly in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, Sanjeewa Jayawardena PC is a formidable advocate specialized in commercial dispute matters and administrative law in Sri Lanka. Jayawardena’s skill in fundamental rights work further solidifies his position as a leading independent advocate.

Amrit Rajapakse

Amrit Rajapakse stands tall in Sri Lanka’s dispute resolution space, particularly for handling intellectual property cases. His strength as an advocate and expertise make him a key player to watch in the legal sphere.

Harsha Amarasekera PC

Considered a leading advocate for commercial matters, Harsha Amarasekera PC demonstrates a broad practice encompassing IP law and financially-related issues. He is renowned for his comprehensive legal knowledge and skilled advocacy.

Romesh De Silva PC

Romesh De Silva PC, having an outstanding market reputation, is an active advocate for commercial litigation matters. A respected expert in intellectual property mandates, De Silva is well-regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s leading independent advocates.

Manohara de Silva PC

With a strong reputation in advocating on behalf of clients in the employment and real estate sectors, Manohara de Silva PC demonstrates exceptional acumen in handling administrative and appellate court matters.

Harsha Cabral PC

Harsha Cabral PC’s expertise in commercial and IP law matters has earned him substantial recognition in Sri Lanka. His practice also includes company law mandates, attesting to his diverse skill set and adaptable expertise.

Kushan De Alwis PC

Recognized widely as a highly-regarded advocate in Sri Lanka’s dispute resolution market, Kushan De Alwis PC brings his legal prowess to matters relating to banking, real estate, family, and probate matters. De Alwis’ wide-ranging practice acknowledges his unique versatility and impressive legal knowledge.

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Dilumi de Alwis

Emerging litigator Dilumi de Alwis is rapidly gaining recognition for her expertise in corporate disputes. Her status as a rising star in the industry signals exciting potential for her future in dispute resolution.

Faisz Musthapha PC

A highly respected barrister, Faisz Musthapha PC, with his depth of experience, has an enviable reputation for representing Sri Lankan clients. Musthapha’s prominence in the field is a testament to his excellent work and the high regard for him in the industry.

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