Top 10 Influential Commercial Lawyers Shaping Jordan’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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In Jordan, the role of Corporate/Commercial lawyers takes on a unique dynamic. They are pillars of wisdom and stability, many of whom have demonstrated exceptional professional skills, versatility, and experience in the legal field. They engage in a variety of tasks such as contracts, negotiations, mergers, and acquisitions among other crucial business transactions. This article profiles a selection of top corporate/commercial lawyers in Jordan that have exhibited exceptional professional skill and versatility.

Their backgrounds are as diverse as their areas of expertise and involvement in high-profile cases. What is common among these lawyers is their unwavering dedication, commitment to service, and a keen sense of justice that is strong in the region’s historically rich culture. These lawyers wear multiple hats, and they don them remarkably well. Let’s shine a light on their individual profiles.

Here are illustrious examples of such lawyers who contribute significantly to the legal landscape in Jordan. These legal practitioners have shown exemplary understanding and practice of legal concepts, which has not only won them accolades but also makes them industry leaders.

1. Salaheddin Al-Bashir

Firm: International Business Legal Associates (IBLAW)
Salaheddin Al-Bashir holds an enviable position in the Jordanian legal scene. An experienced minister of justice, Al-Bashir’s legal expertise is frequently sought after by an extensive portfolio of clients for commercial contract issues and M&A. His rich experience and vast knowledge make him a trusted figure in corporate and commercial law.

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2. Sharif Ali Zu’bi

Firm: Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates & Legal Consultants

Senior partner Sharif Ali Zu’bi is a notable lawyer boasting a wealth of market knowledge. His in-depth understanding of government relations, acquired from his tenure as Jordan’s Minister of Justice, has consistently proven invaluable in his practice.

3. Khaled Saqqaf

Firm: Al Tamimi & Company Advocates & Legal Consultants
Khaled Saqqaf has built a reputable image in transactional work, particularly on Iraq-related mandates. His clientele includes project finance files and debt capital markets issuances, and he currently leads Al Tamimi’s Jordan team.

4. Rajai KW Dajani

Firm: Rajai KW Dajani & Associates

Rajai KW Dajani is a seasoned expert in international business transactions with over half a century of experience. His expertise in corporate matters and numerous governmental positions forms a profound arsenal of skills beneficial to his clients.

5. Khaled O Asfour

Firm: Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates & Legal Consultants

Khaled Asfour is known for his top-tier corporate practice in Jordan, providing expert counsel to well-known regional companies on high-profile transactions, particularly within the major energy and banking sectors.

6. Omar N Nabulsi

Firm: Nabulsi & Associates
Serving as an established figure in the Jordanian market, Omar Nabulsi’s background includes extensive experience in representing both domestic and international clients in transactional work, supplemented by his experience in various cabinet positions.

7. Jumana A Toukan

Firm: Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates & Legal Consultants
As a fierce advocate of project finance, Jumana A Toukan continues to assist top investment and development banks, demonstrating significant understanding of Jordanian secured financing laws and leads initiatives in renewable energy projects.

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8. Ala’ Khalifeh

Firm: Khalifeh & Partners

Managing partner Ala’ Khalifeh focuses his practice on infrastructure mandates, involving significant water and renewable projects. Additionally, he is regularly involved in Jordanian government sovereign bond issuances.

9. Yousef S Khalilieh

Firm: Rajai KW Dajani & Associates

Yousef S Khalilieh, widely recognized as a leading business lawyer in Jordan, handles a broad array of commercial contract matters, including franchising and licensing agreements, and has an impeccable track record advising on M&A transactions.

10. Thamer A. Obeidat

Firm: Obeidat Law

Thamer A. Obeidat is a prominent lawyer in Jordan, demonstrating advanced expertise in commercial contracts and IPOs. His knowledge of the telecoms sector highlights his diverse skillset adding to his strong reputation in cross-border M&A deals.

These ten lawyers are strongly reflective of the talent seen in Corporate/Commercial law within Jordan. They have shown resilient commitment to their fields of expertise and continue to spearhead major changes in Jordan’s legal landscape with their precedence-setting contributions.

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