Top 10 Influential Aviation Lawyers Reshaping France’s Transportation Industry in 2023

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In the complex and dynamic world of aviation law, there are legal luminaries who stand out for their impeccable legal acumen, hard-won experience, and unflagging dedication. These attorneys are on the frontlines of navigating the intricacies of transportation and aviation matters in France. From handling high-visibility crashes and major damages claims to spearheading intense regulatory and litigious tasks for airlines and manufacturers, we present ten of the most influential aviation lawyers in France who have earned stellar reputations in their field.

Their specialties and expertise encompass numerous aspects of aviation law such as insurance litigation, arbitration, product liability cases, criminal aviation matters, seizure proceedings, contractual issues, and more. Through their critical roles, these individuals continually shape and influence the landscape of French aviation law, acting as invaluable assets to their clients and the industry as a whole.

Here, we delve into the backgrounds and accomplishments of these notable lawyers, detailing the firms they belong to and the exceptional services they provide. Through the lens of their individual profiles, we get a glimpse into the collective richness of French aviation law and the immense talent working within its confines.

Simon Ndiaye

Simon Ndiaye of HMN & Partners is renowned in the French market for his specialization in insurance mandates. His proficiency in handling insurance litigation and arbitration is highly esteemed, making him a formidable figure within the aviation industry.

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Caroline Derache

Also found at HMN & Partners, Caroline Derache is celebrated for her counsel on litigious mandates within the aviation sector. She enjoys increased market recognition, advising a broad range of clients with varying needs.

Simon Foreman

Simon Foreman, a partner at Courrégé-Foreman, is distinguished by his expertise in civil and criminal cases arising following accidents. Also known for his work with product liability cases on behalf of manufacturers, his practice is esteemed in the market.

Jean-Baptiste Charles

With a talent for litigious aviation matters, Jean-Baptiste Charles of HFW excels in areas such as air crashes, damages claims, and product liability issues.

Laura Dubois

Laura Dubois of Leno Avocats A.A.R.P.I. specializes in several facets of aviation law, including seizure proceedings, damages claims and contractual issues. She acts for insurance companies and aircraft manufacturers, bringing her unique skill set to a broad range of aviation matters.

Fabrice Pradon

Found at Clyde & Co LLP, Fabrice Pradon is known for advising airlines on commercial and civil litigation cases and also has notable skills in criminal aviation matters.

Grégory Laville de la Plaigne

Also a key figure at Clyde & Co LLP, Grégory Laville de la Plaigne is recognized for his skills in the aviation field, acting regularly for airlines and insurance companies.

Mauricia Courrégé

Partner at Courrégé-Foreman, Mauricia Courrégé often plays a crucial role for manufacturers in criminal proceedings related to aircraft accidents, further establishing her as a leading light in the sector.

Vonnick Le Guillou

Vonnick Le Guillou of DLA Piper France LLP is highly regarded for her advice on crash cases and product liability claims. Serving insurance companies and aircraft manufacturers, she is an esteemed name in the aviation sector.

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Pierre Frühling

Pierre Frühling from HFW extends his expertise to assist insurers and airlines with regulatory, litigious and transactional matters, establishing himself as a go-to source within the field.

In conclusion, these ten lawyers epitomize the spirit of excellence in French aviation law. Their work continues to guard the interests of their clients and influence the aviation sector across France and beyond.

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