Top 10 Influential Attorneys Shaping Haiti’s Dynamic General Business Law Landscape

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Welcome to another feature from in which we aim to throw a spotlight on some of the most interesting and accomplished General Business Law lawyers operating in Haiti today. Given Haiti’s unique historical, legal, and political complexities, this not an easy field to specialize in, but the lawyers featured here have made significant contributions to their industry, earning the respect of their peers and the gratitude of numerous clients.

For each lawyer, we’ll share as much information as we can, including their firm, their particular areas of expertise, and their location. Where available, we will also provide website links so you can discover more about their services. It is worth noting that the absence of a firm website does not indicate a lack of quality or competence in the field, but perhaps a preference for more traditional methods of communication.

So, without further ado, let’s meet these outstanding individuals, who daily navigate the intricacies and challenges of business law in Haiti.

Salim Succar

Based at the Cabinet Lissade-Succar, Salim Succar is a versatile practitioner with strengths in areas such as shipping, IP, finance, and tax matters. His broad expertise makes him a valuable asset in Haiti’s General Business Law landscape. Location: Haiti.

Patricia Lebrun

Patricia Lebrun is a new entry into the rankings this year. She is a versatile lawyer who is proficient in commercial mandates and boasts a portfolio of financial institutions. She practices at Cabinet Vieux & Associés, although there isn’t a designated firm website. Location: Haiti.

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Jean-Frédéric Salès

Cabinet Salès is where Jean-Frédéric Salès plies his trade, providing his clients with valuable support in the IP field. Salès also handles labor and employment mandates, utilizing his vast experience to make significant contributions in local courts. Location: Haiti.

Bernard Gousse

Another practitioner at Pasquet, Gousse et Associés, Bernard Gousse is considered a key figure in the Haitian market. He is adept at dealing with corporate issues and has deep expertise in regulatory work and securities mandates. Location: Haiti.

Ketlie Thybulle Woolley

An authoritative voice in the legal landscape of Haiti, Ketlie Thybulle Woolley stands out with her work at Cabinet Hudicourt-Woolley. Financial institutions often seek her counsel on finance-related matters, affirming her relevance in the sector. Location: Haiti.

Elisabeth Colimon Woolley

Elisabeth Colimon Woolley is another key figure in Haiti’s General Business Law fraternity. She does not have a specified firm website but works at Cabinet Dantès P. Colimon. Woolley is widely praised for her litigation proficiency and often represents international clients on a range of contentious issues. Location: Haiti.

Camille Fievre

Camille Fievre, a reputable lawyer at the Juris Excel Cabinet d’Avocats, focuses his practice on commercial litigation. He is also acclaimed for his academic contributions to the Haitian market. Location: Haiti.

Alexandra Brun

Alexandra Brun, who practices at Juris Consult (although there isn’t a firm website), is lauded for her professional approach to dealing with corporate and finance mandates as part of her wider practice in Haiti. Location: Haiti.

Jean Vandal

Jean Vandal, operating at Vandal & Vandal (with no firm website), is a big name in Haiti’s legal market. He is known for his significant contributions to legislative reforms, thus shaping the business law landscape in the country. Location: Haiti.

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Gerd Pasquet

Gerd Pasquet, co-legionnaire with Bernard Gousse at Pasquet, Gousse et Associés, is credited with adept representation of clients in banking and transactional mandates. His skill has earned him immense recognition in his field. Location: Haiti.

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