Top 10 Highly Regarded Corporate Lawyers Shaping Ontario’s Business in 2023

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Ontario boasts a multitude of skilled attorneys, equipped with comprehensive expertise spanning the full gamut of corporate and commercial concerns. From mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private placements, financing transactions to legal advisory in the cannabis industry, the region’s high-regard legal practitioners have exhibited their proficiency in a myriad of corporate contexts. We’ve curated a list of some of Ontario’s well-regarded attorneys who are not only adept at law but also embody a keen understanding of business intricacies, consequently streamlining collaborations with their clientele.

The lawyers listed under this prestigious category have been recognized for their exceptional acumen, constructive counsel, and dedication to their chosen line of expertise. By providing integrative solutions and maintaining a constant line of communication with their clients, they have established irrevocably strong professional relationships grounded in trust and expertise.

Here are the corporate and commercial lawyers who stood out for their notable abilities in the corporate law landscape in Ontario, each having mastery over different aspects of corporate law:

Dan Giantsopoulos

Dan Giantsopoulos in his capacity at Blaney McMurtry LLP assists clients in the purchase and sale of assets. He also has a significant corporate working relationship with private placements, making him a significant player in the corporate scene.

Richard Kimel

Working with Aird & Berlis LLP, Richard Kimel extends his expertise to a broad spectrum of public and private companies for various corporate transactions. His work is highly regarded in the Toronto area.

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Rob Wortzman

Rob Wortzman, a lawyer with no firm website, exhibits exemplary work ethic in his broad transactional practice at Wildeboer Dellelce LLP. He offers advice on securities and M&A transactions, proving himself to be a practical and business-savvy professional.

Perry Dellelce

The Toronto office’s founder and managing partner at Wildeboer Dellelce LLP, Perry Dellelce, combines his expertise in M&A, securities and financing transactions to provide comprehensive corporate advisories.

Jeffrey I Cohen

Highly rated for his adept handling of M&A and financing transactions, Jeffrey I Cohen at Torkin Manes LLP facilitates value-addition in multiple areas.

S. Steve Popoff

The S. Steve Popoff at Blaney McMurtry LLP caters to a diverse portfolio of clients. He is known for promptly addressing both M&A and corporate finance queries.

Matthew Tevlin

Matthew Tevlin at Torkin Manes LLP is highly lauded for his corporate expertise in the private equity domain. Chair of the firm’s business law group, Matthew possesses impeccable commercial instincts and an unerring legal acumen.

Rick Moscone

As part of Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, Rick Moscone gets spotlighted for his transactional work, often dealing with securities and M&A matters. He demonstrates his proficiency by assisting clients in the cannabis sector with their transactions.

Troy Pocaluyko

Troy Pocaluyko, without a firm website, utilizes his extensive skills for advising on M&A, private equity, and securities transactions at Wildeboer Dellelce LLP. With his reputation for being knowledgeable and reliable, he is an asset to the Ontario legal community.

Peter Saad

Peter Saad, at Loopstra Nixon LLP, is gaining recognition in Ontario for his performance. He assists clients in acquiring mid-sized businesses, notably in the pharmacy sector, and is described as knowledgeable, capable, friendly, efficient, and timely.

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In summary, Ontario draws on a highly capable pool of legal professionals in the field of corporate and commercial law. This exposition offers only a glimpse of the numerous skilled practitioners in the region. Their consistent commitment to their clients’ legal needs and business ambitions set them apart as significant players in Ontario’s legal sector.

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