Top 10 Global Political Risk Lawyers Influencing Business Decisions in 2023

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In today's unstable and unpredictable global socio-political climate, political risk lawyers have never been more relevant. Companies that aim to spread their wings internationally must consider the associated political risks. Navigating terrain riddled with the landmines of domestic power shifts, policy changes, conflict and even geopolitical tensions requires the expertise of seasoned political risk lawyers. These professionals comprehensively analyze a location's climate, aiding businesses in managing risk and maximizing opportunities. Here, we celebrate and dissect some of the globe's notable political risk lawyers and their enviable accomplishments.

Political risk lawyers often facilitate business transactions by providing in-depth intelligence on a region's political landscape, key power players, and potential hazards. Drawing from a wealth of international law, socio-political understanding, and robust connections, these lawyers are masters of their craft. This indispensability makes them some of the most sought-after colleagues in cross-border transactions. Let's delve into the profiles of some of these impressive individuals.

Bear in mind the political risk landscape has no global constraint, and our featured lawyers are no exception. These seasoned professionals consult globally, armed with deep domain knowledge and a zeal for the evocative work they do. Let's explore the individual journeys of these notable global political risk lawyers.

Nick Panes

Nick Panes works with Charles River Associates where he serves as vice president of the firm's risk, investigation, and analytics practice. Panes excels in pre-transaction due diligence, stakeholder mapping, and corruption risk assessments. Apart from extensive global clientele, he boasts a robust understanding of Latin American, South Asian, and European geopolitical landscapes.

Henry Wilkinson

Dragonfly's Henry Wilkinson lives and breathes intelligence and analysis products. His expertise spans geopolitics, terrorism, and security strategies, blending strategic analysis with top-tier commercial acumen.

Tamara Makarenko

Tamara Makarenko, a notable name in intelligence and risk management, works with Faltress Limited. With over 25 years in the field, her extensive network and sharp analytical abilities have earned her high praise. The trust she inspires in her clients is remarkable.

Philip Worman and Livia Paggi

Philip Worman and Livia Paggi from GPW, a part of J.S. Held, are names to reckon with in the political risk industry. Worman, who manages and co-owns GPW, has led risk practices at multiple firms. Paggi, a co-owner, is recognized for her comprehensive understanding of the Russian, Central Asian, and Turkish markets.

Kate Mallinson

Kate Mallinson of PRISM Political Risk Management has an extensive track record serving Central Asian and other parts of the former Soviet Union. Her vast network and intricate geopolitical knowledge make her a valuable asset to her clients.

Charles Hollis

Assynt's Charles Hollis is highly experienced in intelligence and Middle East matters. His expertise includes market entry, business intelligence, investigations, as well as political risks and government affairs.

Hannah Gilkes

Hannah Gilkes helms The Risk Advisory Group’s back-to-back business intelligence and investigations practice. She provides profound, insightful political mapping and analyses in connection with sub-Saharan African countries and is an expert in exploring business risks in some of the toughest business landscapes on the planet.

Wolfango Piccoli

Wolfango Piccoli from Teneo specializes in advising financial institutions and corporate clients on political risk management in Europe. His analytical skills and understanding of the political environment are highly appreciated by his clients.

Charles Hecker

Control Risks's Charles Hecker manages the firm’s global political risk function. Adept at navigating complex geopolitical landscapes and responsive to client needs, Hecker has earned high praise from his clients and peers.

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