Top 10 German Employment Lawyers Commanding Influence in 2023: In-depth Review

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Employment law is intricately tied to nearly every aspect of the business environment and is of particular relevance due to its broad impact on both employers and employees. Exceptional employment lawyers are not only diligent in their understanding of the law but also provide strategic advice for their clients in navigating complex employment issues. Germany is home to many such accomplished employment lawyers. This article explores some of the most intriguing ones in the country’s legal sector, each with unique expertise and experiences that are shaping the field.

The insights provided by the lawyers profiled in this brief study oscillate between collective bargaining rights, outsourcing negotiations, organizational restructures, pension schemes, mass redundancies, among others. Each lawyer included in this piece not only demonstrates great understanding of employment laws but also the foresight to mitigate risks and provide reliable advice.

It is our hope that the profiles presented below will encourage informed discussions, honed decision-making, and facilitate connections between those in need of legal expertise and our featured professionals. Here, we spotlight noteworthy employment lawyers in Germany and their unique contributions to the field.

Thomas Ubber

Thomas Ubber is a distinguished employment lawyer associated with Allen & Overy LLP. Notably, Ubber is highly regarded for his expertise in strike actions. He frequently advises clients on collective bargaining issues. Additionally, Ubber possesses further expertise in reorganisations, staff reductions, remuneration and bonus schemes, and employment disputes.

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Alexander Wolff

A prominent name at Baker McKenzie, Alexander Wolff is an exceptional advisor on outsourcing projects and negotiations with trade unions and works councils. Over the years, Wolff has also built a robust practice in assisting with compliance matters.

Wolfgang Lipinski

Wolfgang Lipinski, a notable figure at ADVANT Beiten, is particularly active in reorganisation mandates. His advisory expertise extends to transfers and closing of locations, staff layoffs, and compensation and collective bargaining issues.

Georg Jaeger

With a special focus on reshaping corporations and compensations plans for top executives, Georg Jaeger of SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz shows proficiency in a range of individual and collective labour law topics.

Martin Diller

Martin Diller, based at Gleiss Lutz, is widely recognised for his proficiency in pensions, often advising large corporates on the reorganisation of pension schemes.

Gerlind Wisskirchen

Gerlind Wisskirchen specialises in advising clients on international reorganisations, including mass redundancies and international integrations. Wisskirchen also handles the employment aspects of corporate transactions, like staff takeovers, outsourcing projects, and works council negotiations.

Thomas Wahlig

A leading negotiator at Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law, Thomas Wahlig is highly skilled in handling employment aspects of restructuring mandates. From staff reductions and relocations to discontinuation of business units, Wahlig’s expertise covers a broad spectrum.

Tobias Pusch

Also from Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law, Tobias Pusch excels in a range of employment mandates. His skills include handling restructurings, terminations, co-determination issues, employee data protection and IT software roll-outs. Pusch’s further expertise is in the implementation of SE structures and he frequently acts for startups.

Steffen Krieger

Steffen Krieger, also with Gleiss Lutz, is an expert in compliance mandates relating to liability claims and remuneration. He is also proficient in managing mass redundancies and advising on employment law aspects of global transactions.

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Oliver Vollstädt

Oliver Vollstädt, associated with KLIEMT.HR Lawyers, operates a broad practice, where the main aspects include social plans, restructuring issues, and employment-related data protection topics.

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