Top 10 General Commercial Litigation Experts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2023

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General commercial litigation is an intricate field of law, covering a spectrum of disputes that can arise within the realm of commerce and business. It involves legal professionals who not only possess a mastery over the labyrinthine world of business litigation, but they also need to understand the complex dynamics that are specific to their client’s industry. Offering robust defenses, highly strategized approaches and client-centered solutions, these lawyers are often the bulwarks that keep businesses intact during heated legal battles. We showcase a few such litigators based in Pennsylvania, who stand out due to their exceptional skills, experience and industry recognition.

Pennsylvania hosts a breed of superior lawyers who have their mettle tested in the tough grind of business litigation. Their diverse portfolio ranges from handling antitrust disputes, contractual and product liability issues to class action litigations, breach of contract, and tax issues. A common trait that binds these skilled professionals is their pragmatic approach, their nuanced understanding of client demands and their ability to deliver effective results.

One cannot talk about Pennsylvania-based litigation lawyers without acknowledging the transformative role they play. They amicably resolve disputes, maintain a proactive stance against possible legal issues, and ardently defend their clients’ rights. The following profiles shed more light on their individual expertise and contributions to the legal world.

Daniel I Booker

Based at Reed Smith LLP, Daniel Booker has developed a reputation as a thorough and strategic litigator, successfully negotiating both plaintiff and defendant’s antitrust disputes and civil dispute cases such as False Claims Act actions. Known for his calm and persuasive style, Daniel is acknowledged for his comprehensive arguments and strategies.

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Mark D Shepard

Representing Babst, Calland, Clements, and Zomnir, P.C., Mark Shepard is recognized for his broad experience in handling complex commercial litigation involving contractual disputes, product liability and environmental litigation. Known for his profound knowledge and agreeable demeanor, he has earned the respect of his peers and clients.

John D. Goetz

Working with Jones Day, John Goetz is appreciated for his innovative and thorough approach in dealing with major disputes on behalf of aviation and transport sector clients. His clients laud him not only for his superior service but also for his eye on maintaining budget discipline.

Andy Stanton

Also from Jones Day, Andy Stanton is highly rated for representing financial institutions in insurance litigation. His expertise in securities and contractual disputes, coupled with a good understating of client demands, makes him an effective strategic thinker respected by his clients.

Rebekah Byers Kcehowski

Yet another legal expert from Jones Day, Rebekah Kcehowski, is known for her competence in significant class action litigation besides handling other commercial disputes. She has been recognized as a thoughtful attorney, a strong writer, and a master of complex issues, making her a favorite among clients.

Thomas E Birsic

Representing K&L Gates, Thomas Birsic possesses vast experience in insurance coverage disputes and product liability cases, garnering respect and admiration throughout the industry.

John M McIntyre

John McIntyre, from Porter Wright Morris and Arthur LLP, is renowned for his expertise in tax and breach of contract litigation. His pragmatic approach coupled with his ability to discern the core issues of legal matters make him a respected figure in the field of litigation.

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Samuel Braver

With Dentons Cohen & Grigsby, Samuel Braver frequently handles complex litigation in state and federal courts. He acts on a variety of disputes, earning accolades for his expertise and hard work.

Paul M Pohl

Paul Pohl, another skilled litigator from Jones Day, works with clients from telecommunications, natural resources, and healthcare on various disputes. Known as a top-notch trial Lawyer, he is appreciated for his strategic thinking and excellent advocacy skills.

Melissa Tea

Working with K&L Gates, Melissa Tea is the lead for the firm’s global litigation and dispute resolution practice. Esteemed for her proactive approach to understanding her client’s business and needs, she anticipates legal issues efficiently to protect her clients.

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