Top 10 Clinical Negligence Lawyers Shaping North East’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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There’s no doubt that the field of Clinical Negligence is a crucial one in our society. Those who participate in it play a vital role in ensuring that any errors made within the medical field are fully addressed and that due compensation is received by those who have suffered. This sector is home to numerous professionals who exhibit an exceptional blend of legal expertise, empathy, and tenacity. In the North East, the area is particularly vibrant, with a wide range of experienced Claimant Lawyers ready to defend the rights of those in need. In this article, we shine a light on some of the leading Clinical Negligence Claimant Lawyers in the North East. Each individual we highlight is distinguished in their unique areas of interest. Some excel in handling cases involving severe birth or brain injuries, others shine when dealing with surgical negligence, while still others have the ability to adeptly address claims relating to treatment failures.

Kathryn Watson

Partnering at the helm of Armstrong Foulkes LLP, Kathryn Watson brings a notable depth of expertise in dealing with dental negligence and cancer cases. She also holds a sturdy portfolio of clients who are victims of delayed diagnosis, which have resulted in amputations and significant brain injuries. Moreover, Kathryn brings experience in the area of birth injuries.

Hilton Armstrong

Co-leading Armstrong Foulkes LLP alongside Kathryn Watson, Hilton Armstrong has a strong streak of managing complex claims, particularly those rooted in surgical negligence and fatal incidents. His skill set also extends to handling cases of delayed diagnosis and improper treatment claims.

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Peter Henry

Peter Henry, part of the team at Ben Hoare Bell Solicitors LLP, draws on comprehensive experience in cerebral palsy claims and cases involving other severe birth injuries. Spinal injury and brain damage cases are also significantly represented in his practice, and he is proficient in collating inquests relating to medical negligence.

Richard Ebdon

At Longden Walker & Renney, Richard Ebdon displays a multi-faceted practice encompassing negligent surgery claims and cerebral palsy cases. His scope of work also includes cases of delayed diagnosis and failure in treatment.

David Bradshaw

David Bradshaw of Hay & Kilner exhibits wide-ranging professional competence, encompassing high-value amputation cases, mental health negligence, and brain injuries. He possesses considerable experience in intricate spinal injury claims.

Michelle Armstrong

Michelle Armstrong is well-versed in medical negligence claims by virtue of managing various brain-related injuries occurring during birth, including complex cerebral palsy cases. She is also proficient in delayed diagnosis and fatal accidents.

Ashleigh Holt

Ashleigh Holt, co-leading Armstrong Foulkes LLP, demonstrates an in-depth understanding of fatal claims related to negligent mental healthcare and delayed diagnosis. She is also well-positioned to advise claimants on surgical errors and mismanagement during birth.

Alison Ainsley

Alison Ainsley operates from Longden Walker & Renney and has the ability to address claims related to neurological injury, gynaecological claims and psychiatric cases. She is also competently equipped to handle brain and birth injuries, including complex cerebral palsy proceedings.

Hannah Fitzpatrick

Hannah Fitzpatrick of Sintons has significant experience in dealing with high-value birth injury cases and complex delayed diagnosis issues. She has managed several fatal cases and shows adeptness in surgical negligence cases.

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Helen Morland

At Hay & Kilner, Helen Morland primarily deals with delayed diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome and necrotising fasciitis, while also possessing considerable experience in fatal incident claims.

Each one of these individual underneath represents a beacon of justice and advocacy within the North East Clinical Negligence sphere. They continue to fight vigorously for their clients, ensuring the best possible outcomes, and contribute to the evolving jurisprudence surrounding medical negligence.

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