Spotlight on Top 10 Pioneering Private Wealth Law Lawyers in China 2023

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The burgeoning sphere of private wealth law is making its mark with some key players driving its growth and development. Particularly in China, there is an emerging cadre of stellar professionals that stand out in the field, guiding high net worth individuals and families on various matters of private wealth law. Owing to the robust economic growth in the country, the demand for private wealth legal experts is on the rise. These leading lights in the industry are adept at advising their clients on complex legal matters, often translating them into clear strategies to safeguard their wealth and ensure it is well managed and protected.

This sector, classified as Private Wealth Law (PRC Firms), essentially handles matters like trusts, estates, taxes, and family wealth planning. These lawyers across firms are uniquely trained to support the clients – both corporates and families – in their journey to preserve, protect, and pass on their assets. They are skilled in navigating fluctuating economies, understanding complex tax structures, working on cross-border challenges, and more.

With their proficiency and vast knowledge in private wealth law, these legal professionals are making significant contributions in shaping the sector in the new age. Let us delve into the profiles of some of the noteworthy private wealth lawyers in China.

Peter Ni

Peter Ni, a renowned legal expert associated with Zhong Lun Law Firm is lauded by clients and peers alike. An industry veteran, Ni’s advice on offshore wealth planning and trust structures, tax, and succession planning, is highly valued in the industry.

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Wei Li

Known for his in-depth knowledge on trust and family office matters, Wei Li from Yingke Law Firm is the advisor many turn to for customized trust and family wealth planning advice. Unfortunately, the firm does not provide a website.

Mingjun Jia

Associate of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Mingjun Jia, holds proficiency in asset protection and litigation matters related to succession and divorce. Furthermore, he acutely understands domestic and international wealth planning strategies.

Hao Wang

Hao Wang is a part of the esteemed Rayyin & Partners P.R.C. Lawyers. She is an authority in the field of trust structuring and estate planning, and is invaluable for families and rich individuals looking for expert advice on family law issues.

Han Chen

Han Chen is vital part of the Han Kun Law Offices. He is looked upon for his deep understanding of multigenerational family wealth planning and expertise in family law, covering divorce and property-related manners.

Steven Wang

Based at Llinks Law Offices, Steven Wang’s expertise lies in handling trust-related matters within Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China. His flair for handling cross-border matters is highly recognized, however, the firm does not have a website at present.

Han Bao

Han Bao is a part of Haiwen & Partners. Known for her comprehensive advice and innovative solutions, Bao is a trusted advisor for high net worth clients on cross-border trust structures and estate planning.

Jane Ren

Jane Ren from Fangda Partners has built a name for handling the full range of Sino-American wealth management matters. Her diverse legal expertise combined with her effective communication skills make her a preferred choice for many clients.

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Fang Tan

Fang Tan from Family &l; Family Law Firm is sought after for her expertise in wealth planning and her advice in tax law. She also provides family law services such as marital agreements and divorce cases. The firm, however, does not provide a website.

Lefan Gong

Lefan Gong of Zhong Lun Law Firm is valued for his sagacious tax advice and his expertise in handling trust and succession matters. Being a very responsive lawyer, Gong’s clients appreciate his top-notch service.

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