Sarasin & Partners’ Bold Move: Six New Partners to Reshape Investment and Client Services

Global Thematic Investment Manager Strengthens Team to Enhance Charity and Private Client Offerings

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Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Appointments: Sarasin & Partners announces six new partner appointments to enhance its investment and client service sectors.
  • Diverse Expertise: The new partners bring a wealth of experience from both the charities and private client teams.
  • Future-Focused: These appointments symbolize the firm’s dedication to talent development and long-term investment strategies.

Introduction: A Commitment to Excellence

Investing in Talent and Expertise In a significant development, Sarasin & Partners, a leading global thematic investment manager, has appointed six new partners, reaffirming its commitment to top-tier investment management and client services. This move reflects the firm’s dedication to nurturing talent and enhancing its service offerings to charities, private clients, intermediaries, and institutions.

The New Faces of Leadership

A Blend of Experience and Innovation The six new partners are a mix of seasoned professionals from the firm’s successful charities and private client teams. Alexander True and Tania McLuckie, hailing from the charities team, bring in-depth knowledge in managing charity portfolios and a passion for stewardship. From the private client team, Stephen Rothwell, Nick Wood, James Fishbourne, and Graeme Bruce offer extensive experience in investment management, catering to diverse client needs.

Deep Dive into the Appointees’ Backgrounds

A Closer Look at Individual Expertise

  • Alexander True: With over 15 years in financial services, True is notable for his work in charity portfolio management and as a member of the Sarasin & Partners Stewardship Steering Committee.
  • Tania McLuckie: McLuckie’s expertise spans more than a decade, focusing on multi-asset and absolute return portfolios for a varied client base.
  • Stephen Rothwell: Rothwell’s 25-year career spans investment management and banking, with a focus on private client business growth.
  • Nick Wood: With Sarasin & Partners since 1998, Wood specializes in managing investment portfolios for offshore and international private clients.
  • James Fishbourne: An investment manager since 2004, Fishbourne is responsible for private client portfolios, including family charities and IFA clients.
  • Graeme Bruce: Joining in 2013, Bruce manages international private client portfolios and chairs the firm’s ‘NexCo’ group, fostering talent development.
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Strategic Impact of the Appointments

Enhancing Client Services and Investment Strategies These appointments are poised to strengthen Sarasin & Partners’ offerings in both its charities and private client sectors. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of the new partners will play a crucial role in enhancing the firm’s investment strategies and client service delivery.

Sarasin & Partners’ Charities Team

A Diverse Portfolio of Impactful Work The firm’s charities team, known for its success in managing investments for a wide array of charitable organizations, will benefit from the added expertise and fresh perspectives brought by the new partners. This team plays a pivotal role in overseeing portfolios for educational, medical, religious, and grant-making charities.

Private Client Business: Tailored Solutions

Meeting the Needs of a Varied Clientele Sarasin & Partners’ private client business is set to gain from the new partners’ deep understanding of individual and family office needs. Their experience will be instrumental in offering tailored investment solutions to a broad range of clients, including international and offshore trusts.

Management’s Perspective

A Vision for Future Growth Guy Matthews, Managing Partner at Sarasin & Partners, emphasized that promoting these partners from within highlights the firm’s investment in its people. He noted that the new partners represent the future of the Partnership, ensuring continuity in management, investment expertise, and client service.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Investment Management

Securing Tomorrow with Today’s Talent The appointment of six new partners at Sarasin & Partners marks a significant milestone in the firm’s journey. It underscores their commitment to nurturing talent and delivering excellence in investment management and client services. These strategic appointments are set to fortify the firm’s position as a leader in global thematic investment, paving the way for continued success and innovation in the industry.

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