Revolutionizing Security: The Groundbreaking Innovation that’s Changing the Face of Cybersecurity

SendQuick Emerges as Leader in Authentication Innovation, Securing Top Accolade at Prestigious InfoSec Awards

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Key Takeaways:

  • SendQuick Pte Ltd wins “Most Innovative in Authentication” at Cyber Defense Magazine’s Annual InfoSec Awards.
  • Their product, SendQuick Conexa, offers a variety of multi-factor authentication options, setting new standards in cybersecurity.
  • The award highlights SendQuick’s commitment to understanding future cyber threats and providing innovative, cost-effective solutions.

A New Era in Cybersecurity

In a world increasingly dependent on digital security, Singapore-based SendQuick Pte Ltd has positioned itself as a trailblazer, clinching the coveted title of “Most Innovative in Authentication” at the 11th Cyber Defense Magazine’s (CDM) Annual InfoSec Awards. This achievement, announced during the elite CyberDefenseCon 2023, cements SendQuick’s role as a leading figure in the cybersecurity landscape.

The Winning Edge: SendQuick Conexa

SendQuick’s triumph in this competitive category can be attributed to their flagship offering, SendQuick Conexa. This product stands out with its diverse range of multi-factor authentication (MFA) options, catering to a gamut of user needs. From Email OTP and Soft Token to passwordless biometric authentication, SendQuick Conexa’s versatility in ensuring secure access is unparalleled.

Recognizing Innovation and Excellence

“Winning this award in a field of intense competition is a significant endorsement,” said Mr. JS Wong of SendQuick Pte Ltd. The accolade, adjudicated by top global information security experts, signifies recognition from the highest echelons of the cybersecurity community. As Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine, remarked, “SendQuick embodies the qualities of understanding tomorrow’s threats today and innovating in unexpected ways.”

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SendQuick’s Journey and Mission

Established in 2001 and formerly known as TalariaX, SendQuick has evolved to meet and preempt the dynamic challenges of enterprise mobile messaging and cybersecurity. From IT Alerts and Notifications to Secure Remote Access via MFA, their solutions prioritize security and efficiency. Trusted by Fortune Global 500 companies and operating in over 40 countries, SendQuick’s commitment to innovation makes it a preferred partner in various sectors including banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare.

The Prestige of Cyber Defense Awards

The Cyber Defense Awards, led by Cyber Defense Magazine, stands as a testament to innovation and leadership in the field of information security. The award ceremony, part of CyberDefenseCon 2023, brings together Top Global CISOs and cybersecurity luminaries to celebrate outstanding achievements. SendQuick’s recognition here is not just an award; it’s a beacon of excellence in cybersecurity.

A Commitment to Future-Proof Security

SendQuick’s vision goes beyond immediate solutions. They aim to empower businesses by future-proofing them against emerging cybersecurity threats. The award is a clear indicator that their innovative approach to authentication and cybersecurity is resonating within the industry and beyond.


SendQuick’s recognition at the Cyber Defense Magazine’s Annual InfoSec Awards marks a significant milestone in the cybersecurity industry. It’s a celebration of innovative thinking and a dedication to advancing the field of cybersecurity. With products like SendQuick Conexa, the company is not just addressing current security concerns but is actively shaping the future of digital security.

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