Revolutionary Expansion in Utilities: How One Company is Changing the Game

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Key Takeaways

  • Everflow’s Success and Expansion: Following a successful management buyout, Everflow is poised to broaden its services beyond the water market into additional utility verticals.
  • Perwyn’s Partial Exit and Ongoing Support: Perwyn Advisors UK Limited is partially exiting their investment following substantial growth since 2018, while retaining a significant minority stake and board representation.
  • A Focus on Technology and Market Opportunities: With a technology-driven approach and the deregulation of the UK water market, Everflow has positioned itself as a leader in the utility sector, capturing significant market share.

A Story of Ambitious Growth and Strategic Vision

Pioneering Change in Utility Services

The UK’s utility sector is witnessing a transformative chapter with Everflow, a utility provider known for its eco-friendly water supply and waste collection services for businesses. In a remarkable turn of events, following a management buyout, Everflow has announced its plans to expand into more utility verticals. This marks a new era of diversification and strategic growth for the company, which has already made a substantial impact on the UK’s deregulated water market.

Perwyn’s Strategic Investment and Return

Perwyn Advisors UK Limited, integral in the company’s rapid ascent since its investment in 2018, is partially exiting with a lucrative return. Their decision to maintain a significant minority stake and a board seat underlines their confidence in Everflow’s future. Ravi Sharma, a partner at Perwyn and a board member of Everflow, lauds the company’s impressive trajectory since the UK water market’s deregulation in 2017. Sharma’s statements reveal a profound appreciation of the company’s strategy and execution: “We have been tremendously impressed with Everflow’s performance… They have emerged as market leaders, capturing 26% of customer switches since deregulation.”

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Everflow’s Visionary Leadership

Josh Gill, Founder and CEO of Everflow, acknowledges the critical role played by Perwyn in the company’s growth journey. He emphasizes the importance of their continued partnership as Everflow ventures into new territories. Gill’s vision for the company is expansive and rooted in the lessons learned from capitalizing on the UK’s deregulated utilities markets. “Our future plans include targeting the telecoms and wider utilities,” he shares, indicating the ambitious roadmap ahead.

Decoding Everflow’s Success

Technology as a Catalyst

A key to Everflow’s success has been its emphasis on technology. By leveraging innovative solutions, Everflow has been able to differentiate itself in a competitive market, offering efficient and environmentally friendly services. This technological edge has enabled Everflow not only to meet but exceed customer expectations in a traditionally static industry.

Capitalizing on Market Deregulation

The deregulation of the UK water market opened a plethora of opportunities for new entrants. Everflow, with its agile and customer-centric approach, was quick to capitalize on these changes. Their ability to identify and seize these new opportunities speaks volumes about their strategic foresight and operational excellence.

Expansion into New Horizons

With the management buyout and the subsequent restructuring of its capital framework, Everflow is not just consolidating its leadership in the water market but is also gearing up to explore new verticals in the utilities sector. This expansion is a testament to Everflow’s ambition to not only grow but also innovate in its service offerings.

The Road Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities

Meeting New Market Demands

As Everflow expands its services, the company faces the challenge of adapting to different market dynamics and customer expectations in new utility verticals. The ability to navigate these changes while maintaining service quality and efficiency will be critical.

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Maintaining Competitive Edge

In a rapidly evolving sector, staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and customer service will be crucial. Everflow’s commitment to innovation and its track record of embracing change suggest a promising future, yet the journey will require constant vigilance and adaptation.

The Role of Strategic Partnerships

The continued involvement of Perwyn Advisors UK Limited and other strategic partners will play a pivotal role in Everflow’s journey. These partnerships will provide not just financial support but also strategic guidance and market insights, crucial for Everflow’s venture into new territories.


Everflow’s expansion into new utility verticals represents a significant shift in the UK’s utilities sector. By combining technology-driven solutions, strategic market insights, and a customer-centric approach, Everflow is not just diversifying its service offerings but is also setting new standards in the industry. The journey ahead is filled with both challenges and opportunities, but with a solid foundation and strategic partnerships, Everflow is well-positioned to continue its trailblazing journey.

For further information on Everflow and Perwyn, please visit their websites at Perwyn and Everflow Utilities.

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