Revolutionary AI System: The Game Changer for Britain’s Working Heroes You Won’t Believe

How a Cutting-Edge AI Customer Service System is Redefining the UK’s Property Maintenance Industry

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Key Takeaways:

  • Aspect’s innovative AI system, “Chumley,” is transforming the trade service industry, enhancing the work lives of British tradespeople.
  • With a focus on both tech innovation and high-quality customer service, Aspect’s business model is increasing efficiency and profitability.
  • Chumley’s advanced technology streamlines everything from job allocation to payment processes, marking a significant shift in the industry.


In an era where technological advancements are reshaping industries, Aspect, a leading property maintenance company in the UK, is making waves with its groundbreaking AI-driven customer services system, “Chumley.” With the company’s rapid growth and commitment to innovation, Aspect is setting new standards in the service sector, particularly benefitting Britain’s vital workforce – the white van man.

The Growth of a Tech-Driven Leader

The Evolution of Aspect: Aspect, with its impressive £35 million annual turnover and a growth rate of about 35% per year, is not just another company in the property maintenance sector. This phenomenal growth is backed by a unique business model that addresses customer and worker pain points through technology-led innovation. Investing around £3.5 million in the past 3-4 years, Aspect is consistently at the forefront of operational advancements in the industry.

Transforming Customer Experience

Beyond Traditional Service Models: Defying the conventional service model setbacks, Aspect has remarkably improved its operations to be more customer-centric. This is evident in their KPIs, which now heavily focus on customer service. Their engineers, incentivized on performance and feedback, ensure top-notch service delivery. According to Davies, “it is in the interest of the engineer to do things in the estimated time and to do them well.”

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The ‘Chumley’ Effect

AI at the Core of Operations: Chumley, the linchpin of Aspect’s operations, efficiently handles everything from customer initiation to final payment and feedback. It smartly allocates work to engineers based on their skills and performance. Davies emphasizes that AI and tech innovation are not threats but enhancers of the tradesperson’s role, driving both efficiency and professional growth.

How Chumley Works

A Seamless Operational System: Chumley’s genius lies in its comprehensive integration of various operational aspects. From PPC advertising, job scheduling, and staff allocation to billing and performance tracking, the system’s built-in reporting module is a testament to cutting-edge technology shaping the future of business efficiencies.

AI Driving Business Efficiency

Real-Time Monitoring and Adaptation: Aspect’s real-time monitoring, facilitated by Chumley, ensures consistent quality and timely intervention. The system’s ability to automate work scheduling and streamline customer interactions not only enhances the customer journey but also optimizes business operations.

The Visionary Behind the Innovation

Will Davies: A Man with a Mission: Davies, whose educational background spans economics and investment banking, chose to forge his path in entrepreneurship. Alongside his rugby teammate, Nick Bizley, Davies birthed Aspect out of a blend of innovative vision and industry need. Their approach, marrying technology with robust customer service, stands as a testament to their foresight and business acumen.


Aspect’s story, spearheaded by Chumley, is not just about a company making profits; it’s a narrative of how technology can humanize, enhance, and revolutionize an industry. It’s about providing dignity and efficiency to the hardworking tradespeople and delivering unmatched service to customers. Aspect’s journey with Chumley is a vivid example of how AI and human effort can co-create a sustainable, profitable, and customer-centric business model.

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For more insights and an exclusive interview with Will Davies: Aspect Official Website

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