Key Strategies to Enhance Your Resilience at Work, According to an Expert

Mastering the Art of Workplace Resilience with Insights from RADA Business Tutor, Leandra Ashton

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Key Takeaways

  • Setting boundaries, increasing self-awareness, and tuning into body wisdom are crucial for resilience at work.
  • Being mindful of our physical sensations can guide us when making decisions.
  • Creating a “pause” for recalibration in high-stress situations can help maintain balance.

The Power of Resilience at Work

Resilience, or the ability to maintain wellbeing in the face of adversity, is a critical skill for surviving and thriving in today’s complex and often stressful workplace environments. This trait allows people to adapt positively to setbacks and stressful situations. RADA Business Tutor, Leandra Ashton, shares insights on how to build resilience by setting boundaries, increasing self-awareness, and leveraging the wisdom of the body.

Establishing Boundaries

According to Leandra, resilience begins with setting personal boundaries. This means having the ability to say “no” when necessary. She stresses that constantly saying “yes” and having no boundaries can deplete our resilience. Whether it’s avoiding taking on extra work, protecting time for meeting preparation, or limiting screen time, these boundaries create space, enabling us to remain robust in high-stress environments.

Leandra emphasizes the importance of maintaining personal resources to handle stressful situations, likening it to keeping our cup full. “When you are pushed beyond your boundaries, it’s like pouring from an empty cup,” she says.

Connecting Body and Mind

In addition to setting boundaries, Leandra points out the importance of tuning into the body’s wisdom, which she believes is just as important as intellectual knowledge in decision-making. She suggests observing physical sensations and becoming curious about their meanings. Changes in breathing, heart rate, or a gut feeling of discomfort can all be signs that we’re at our limits. Noticing these changes allows us to recalibrate and regain balance.

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Mindful Breathing and Grounding

When experiencing heightened stress, Leandra advises using the breath to reconnect the body and mind. She recommends taking a slow, deep breath and paying attention to how the body connects to the earth. Noticing how your feet touch the ground or how you’re sitting can help ground you in stressful situations. Engaging with the body in this way can lead to better decision-making and more authentic expression of thoughts and feelings.

What’s Next?

By setting personal boundaries, tuning into the body, and practicing mindful breathing, individuals can boost their resilience and navigate challenging situations more effectively. Leandra emphasizes the importance of self-compassion and reassures that it’s okay not to have all the answers.

“Everyone loses their temper, gets things wrong, or makes mistakes. We’re human, and we’re all a work in progress. Remember to be compassionate with yourself,” she concludes. For more insights on workplace resilience, visit RADA Business at

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