Exploring Top 10 Influential Private Wealth Law Attorneys in Hawaii 2023

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The crossroads where law and wealth intersect can be a complex maze for many. Fortunately, an elite breed of lawyers specializing in Private Wealth Law is helping individuals and families manage their substantial wealth, plan their estates, and navigate the legal system. In the tropical island paradise of Hawaii, these lawyers play an essential role in significant private wealth planning. This article from Businesstoday.news showcases some of the most respected and seasoned private wealth law attorneys in Hawaii.

Lawyers in this niche area of law practice advise on a range of matters, including estate planning, tax planning, business succession planning, and philanthropic planning. They also guide clients through the complexities of trust administration, probate and conservatorship proceedings, trust and estate litigation, asset protection planning, and elder law. These tasks require not just deep expertise in law, but also profound understanding of business and finance, making private wealth lawyers much sought after in the marketplace.

There’s no shortage of talented, well-qualified private wealth lawyers in Hawaii. In this article, we examine some of Hawaii’s finest private wealth law practitioners, offering you insights into their experience, expertise, and reputation. This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s certainly a selection of attorneys who have distinguished themselves in this practice area.

Douglas C. Smith

A key figure in the team at Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert Attorneys At Law, A Law Corporation, Douglas Smith is a highly respected professional in the private wealth law Industry. His peers regard him highly for his extensive experience and meticulous planning work.

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Scott Makuakane

Working at the esteemed Est8Planning Counsel, Scott Makuakane is revered for being practical and knowledgeable. Sources commend him for his astute understanding of planning and his capability in bringing pragmatic resolutions to the table.

Curtis B.K. Yuen

Curtis Yuen, leading the Law Offices of Curtis B.K. Yuen, is described as a focused estate planner who is always abreast of market trends. He is regarded for his thoughtful planning which positions him as a reliable professional in the private wealth law industry.

Rhonda Griswold

Based out of Cades Schutte LLP, Rhonda Griswold is admired for her organization and response times. Knowing her versatility in handling estate planning and disputes, she has become a prominent figure in the Hawaiian market.

Eric S.T. Young

Eric Young of The Law Offices of Eric S.T. Young is known for guiding his clients through estate planning, taxation, and gifting strategies competently and professionally.

Daniel C. Vermillion

Another remarkable lawyer from Cades Schutte LLP, Daniel Vermillion, is applauded for his open communication and responsive nature. Specialized in tax, wills, and estate planning, he ensures his clients feel secure in their decisions.

Carroll S Taylor

Carroll Taylor of Taylor, Leong & Chee is recognized as a “statesman” in the field who excels at both estate planning and probate matters.

Joy Miyasaki

Among the bright minds at Carlsmith Ball LLP, Joy Miyasaki comes highly recommended for her skills in tax issues and estate planning.

Summer Shelverton

Summer Shelverton is praised for her approachable demeanor and her knowledge of trusts and estate planning at Cades Schutte LLP. She provides thorough answers to clients and makes them feel comfortable in her presence.

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Judy Yuriko Lee

Judy Yuriko Lee of Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel LLP is a highly regarded attorney, especially known for her expertise in trust administration and estate planning matters.

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