Discover 2023’s Top 10 Most Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers in South Korea

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South Korea is famed for its technology and entertainment industry, and beneath this surface lies a deep-seated legal subsystem dedicated to intellectual property (IP). The business law landscape of the country is dotted with accomplished minds who have made a mark in intellectual property law. These practitioners not only litigate but guide through the complex landscape of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, formulating strategies to protect their clients’ most valuable business assets: the creative spark of invention and the distinguishing features that set their products or services apart. Here, we showcase the ten intellectual property legal experts that have caught our attention.

A common thread among these lawyers is their wide-ranging experience and acumen in their field. Coming from various prestigious law firms, these IP professionals not only bring their extensive experience to bear, but are also committed to providing quality legal counsel for clients both domestic and international. Drawing on backgrounds that often include serving as judges and advisors in notable legal and quasi-legal institutions, they offer unparalleled insight and guidance in IP litigation cases.

As South Korea continues to position itself as one of the world’s leading technology and innovation hubs, the role of these intellectual property law practitioners remains crucial. They ensure that the rights of innovators, corporations, and even public institutions are well-guarded, ensuring a fertile ground for business growth rooted in creative and technical advancements.

Un Ho Kim, Lee & Ko

As the leader of Lee & Ko‘s IP practice, Un Ho Kim is recognized for his vast expertise, including his experience as a judge for the Seoul High Court’s Intellectual Property Division. Famous for his work on IP litigation, including patent and copyright infringement proceedings, Kim has represented both international and domestic clients.

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Hyeong Joo Lim, Yulchon LLC

From Yulchon LLC, Lim Hyeong Joo is highly active in contentious IP matters, involving trade secrets misappropriation and copyright and patent infringements. His clients range from private corporations to public institutions.

Jae-Hoon Kim, Lee & Ko

Lee & Ko‘s Jae-Hoon Kim has an illustrious career in advising on IP matters. His expertise in handling high-profile patent litigation on behalf of both domestic and international clients in the pharmaceutical and materials technology sectors is widely recognized.

Bo Kyung Lim, Shin & Kim

Lim Bo Kyung wears many hats at Shin & Kim, including head of their patent practice. With extensive experience in handling a range of IP disputes, he has represented clients on matters related to trade secrets as well as patent, trade mark, and copyright infringement.

Yu-Seog Won, Kim & Chang

Renowned for his work in representing domestic and international clients in IP infringement disputes, Won Yu-Seog of Kim & Chang relies on his experience as a judge in the Patent Court of Korea to offer extensive expertise in patent litigation cases.

Kijoong Kang, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC

Kang Kijoong leads Bae, Kim & Lee’s IP practice group with a successful track record in handling cross-border IP disputes. Kang excels particularly in patent infringement and trade secret litigation.

Hyeon Gil Ryoo, Lee & Ko

Ryoo Hyeon Gil, who is active in patent dispute cases and has litigated before numerous important institutions, runs one of the prominent practices at Lee & Ko. With a broad clientele from the pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, and technology industries, Ryoo offers high-level expertise in the field.

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Ik Hyun Seo, Cho & Partners

Cho & Partners’ Ik Hyun Seo’s practice is characterized by his experience in handling trademark infringement disputes. His clients operate in various sectors ranging from retail and technology to luxury goods.

Duck-Soon Chang, Kim & Chang

With a wealth of experience, Duck-Soon Chang is a standout figure at Kim & Chang. Adept at handling impressive contentious cases, he offers particular expertise in copyright disputes and patent infringement matters. He also has valuable experience as a former adviser to the Korea Trade Commission on IP-related policies.

Jay (Young-June) Yang, Kim & Chang

Heading Kim & Chang‘s intellectual property legal team is Jay Yang, a highly respected figure in the market with an impressive career spanning over three decades. His expertise, which covers copyright, trademark, and patents mandates, has enabled him to represent high-profile clients such as Hermès.

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